Moving Mountains

Beginning of the travel day, about 8:00 am local time:

I didn’t think I’d be updating as we sit on the runway in OKC, but here we are.

We are already encountering several issues that are threatening our trip- but we have our confidence in Christ. He has gone before us, and we are trusting in His sovereignty.

Please join us in prayer that our God would make a way for us, as he has been faithful to do in the past.

UPDATE as of 2:00 pm local time, two times zones from home:

Wow, has 2020 thrown some curveballs at us! We started our travel day already recognizing there were large obstacles before us. The largest of which is a typhoon making its way towards Japan, where our connecting flight to HK was going to be. That flight was cancelled and so began the process of finding another way.

Thankfully, God has again proven himself faithful as we were re-routed on a flight path that put us in country just about 8 hours later than originally scheduled. What a praise!

Our journey is far from over, and there are still a few obstacles for God to overcome. But we are “kept in perfect peace” because we are trusting in Him (Isaiah 26:3).

Update as of 12:00 am Pacific time:

The mountains God moved for us as we planned to board our flight to HK are monumental, and I don’t have the time nor the energy to share this miracle just now. We’ve been up for almost 24 hours now, and I’m on a plane for the next 13 hours- I hope to sleep for every single minute! Next update will be in country!

Update as of… good grief, I can’t keep up with all the time changes!

We are in Hong Kong! Our flight was wonderful- we actually got sleep and enjoyed how clean and quiet it was. A nice change from the chaos of airports! Covid testing and immigration was a breeze- the people of Hong Kong are extremely helpful and friendly. Now we are just waiting for a taxi to take us to our hotel! We will relax and adjust to the new time zone for a couple days, then the real reason we’re here begins- meeting C for the first time!

Here’s some pictures from our travels:

FaceTiming with the kids while waiting for 12 hours in LAX for our flight to HK
Shane fulfills his mask wearing duty while also blocking out light, resourceful
Beth is ready for a good nights’ sleep!
Covid testing line- so long but they move fairly quickly. Everything was electronic- apps and QR codes and everything!

Update, the last one for our traveling part of the journey:

The trip from the airport to our hotel was very easy- took a train to central Hong Kong, then a taxi to our hotel. It’s a people-watching paradise! There’s a market just below, and so many other fun things to see!

One of the views from the train we took, the Airport Express.

Now that we’re here, we will spend a couple days adjusting to the time change, which I’m sure will hit us hard at some point! Then on Monday is when we get to meet our precious girl. If I hadn’t just traveled across 13 time zones and 4 airports I might have trouble sleeping from the excitement ;).

Our view from our room at the Holiday Inn Express in Hong Kong!

So close, baby girl! We’re here and so ready to meet you!

Finally able to take our masks off and relax in our hotel room!