The Spears Story Part 1

It’s so interesting how God orchestrates our lives. Our move to Muskogee came with a lot of emotion- but all our thoughts were with how God was going to use us. How we were going to fit into the church. How we were going to connect with our students. Never did we once imagine that God would also be using our Muskogee church family to prepare us for a journey we haven’t the slightest clue about. But- in typical God fashion- He knew what we needed, even when we didn’t know we needed it.

Candi Spears is the preschool director for SEBC. She was one of the first people I met, and she was the first person I trusted to take care of my son. (Sidenote: that’s a nerve wracking thing right after a huge life change when most of your concerns are about how your almost-2-year-old is going to adjust. But again- God preparing our way before us!) Miss Candi, Danny (her husband) and their family have such an amazing story. A story with a lot of chapters, as you will soon read about! I asked Candi if she would guest blog for me and she was so sweet and willing. Here are her words and some pictures to go with them!

We are actually on the road, as I write, to meet our 4th son that God has blessed us with through adoption. I could write a book but I’ll try to condense my thoughts for this blog. Danny & I were blessed with 2 beautiful biological daughters, our first in 1994 & our second in 1999. We thought our little family was complete. I wasn’t that gal that LOVED being pregnant. After two very sick pregnancies with one natural birth & the second an emergency c – section, I had no desire to give birth again.  Skip several years to 2007, I began to desire another baby but this time the desire was different. I wanted a little boy, not necessarily an infant but a little guy. God spoke to me in a couple of dreams. The first dream was simply God saying to me “It will be a boy and you will call him Joseph” repeatedly.  The next dream I was in a hospital wearing surgical scrubs waiting outside a surgery room and a man (a doctor, also wearing surgical scrubs) came out holding a baby.  He handed me the baby while telling me the baby’s measurements. I began praying & pondering about these dreams. We took our oldest daughter to Winter Jam that next spring and during intermission when they began showing how to sponsor a child in a third world country, I knew I NEEDED “one”. Danny simply said, “go get one!” So, we decided to adopt. Our only hang up was we couldn’t afford it. Well, we couldn’t afford it, but my heavenly Father could. While running on my lunch hour that next week, I found a corner of a $20 bill. As I picked it up, God spoke mightily to me saying, “Start the process and I’ll give you what you need a little at a time”. So, we did & He did! We met Matayo Thanksgiving weekend 2008 and brought him home on my birthday, December 16th!  Again, we thought our family was complete. After having our son home for about 5 years, God started speaking to my husband about adopting again. Skip ahead and the second blog I write will be to introduce our next 2 sons (brothers who are 14 months apart). We KNEW our family was complete now! By the way, y’all, do you know how to make God laugh? You tell him your plans! In the third blog I write we will have our 4th son to introduce to you. In case you lost count, we are up to 6 children and we think we are complete!


Our first picture with Matayo. The top right is his foster family.


Meeting Matayo’s birth parents and birth sisters for the first time.


Adoption announcement


First picture with Makoa and Johnathan


Our very first full day together!

More to come on the Spears Family!

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