Our Little Flower

I’m sitting here with my laptop on my legs just existing in a state of disbelief. Almost speechless. Because…

We have been matched with a child!

I cannot share many details or pictures of her (yes, her!) just yet, but I am so excited to share that she will be ours soon, even if not soon enough! I know you all have tons of questions. We have just started this process, and were preparing ourselves for the long haul. And we will still have quite the wait ahead of us, but it’s a wait with a face. A sweet, round, big-eyed, beautiful beautiful face.

Ok, so you remember how we decided to adopt from India? Well, forget all that. Our sweet little Flower (this is going to be my nickname for her on here) is from Africa- and since we had not yet done much to prepare for an adoption specifically for India, we were able to change our minds (and corresponding documents) with relative ease.

I saw her posting on our agency’s affiliate website almost the minute it was uploaded (perhaps my control freak tendencies were actually coming in handy???) and as soon as I finished reading about her, I e-mailed our agent. Then e-mailed her again. And again. Then called because I was so impatient to hear back. (By the way, this was all during the holiday weekend- so I’m sure I was extra annoying. She might not have been so thankful for a few things that day…) There was a whirlwind of activity on the day everyone was back from their Thanksgiving break. Lots and lots of e-mails. And texts. And pictures. And tears. The tears were mostly mine. Okay, they were all mine. And before we could fully comprehend what was happening, we were sending a letter to the Nigerian Ministry to ask for permission to move forward to be our little Flower’s forever family.

Can you say, “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!”??? ¬†Because I was sure screaming that on the inside! I couldn’t physically say it because we were crying ALL THE TEARS. Okay, just me. I was crying all the tears.

So, long story short: our little Flower is now officially-un-officially a part of our family. We are the only family allowed to pursue her. And believe me when I say we are actively pursuing her with every fiber we can muster. With Allen, the pregnancy was my blessed burden. With our little flower, paperwork and more paperwork is my blessed burden. I will print documents to sign with joy in my heart and spend money on packages like I had a money tree ready for harvest! Their government requires a minimum of 12 months to pass between the application (what we just did) and the court date for adoption. So, at the earliest, we would be going to Africa to meet her and bring her home about this time next year. Still a very long time to wait.

After processing all this- sort of- it still doesn’t feel real. Shane and I were talking before going to sleep, and I was telling him that at least when we found out I was pregnant with Allen I was feeling nauseous. Something was different, even if I couldn’t see him or touch him. My body was changing, so my world was changing. With our little Flower, she doesn’t know who we are. She doesn’t know that we are working to bring her home to be her forever family. We can’t hug her. We can’t even talk to her. It’s just so surreal. After getting out all my feelings, Shane said, “Welcome to how all dads feel before the baby is in the picture- biological or adoptive!” I thought that was a little amusing- but also eye-opening. I’m thinking it’s about time for him to share with you all on here, too.So, a long wait ahead of us. But that 9-12 months might just give me enough time to get all the things cluttering up little Flower’s room on the walls of the house where they belong so I can start nesting! She is going to have a little girl’s garden-flowery paradise!Boy am I going to be Pinteresting like crazy…

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