And $o it begin$…

Many of you have been celebrating with us after we announced the matching of our family to our future daughter- affectionately nicknamed “Flower” for privacy compliance purposes. We are feeling all the things: excitement, nervousness, anxiousness, longing, impatience (LOTS of impatience)… it’s overwhelming, to say the least.

I want to keep everyone updated on this process- that’s one of the purposes of this blog, after all. Understandably, you’re wondering what the next step is for us. Well- I may have to back up and explain how international adoption usually works, because our case is a bit different.

Usually, a family interested in adoption would meet with an agency, partner with that agency, have a home study and country specific dossier completed with that agency, then wait for a referral (or match) of a child to be given to the family. Then, the family would complete everything needed for that specific country to secure that child. And, of course, waiting for the final step of going to get them. We somehow managed to start in the middle of that process and we will now have to backtrack a bit. This isn’t necessarily a big deal- doing some things out of order can still give the same result. Just ask me how I make my mom’s chocolate chip cookies (hint: I don’t follow the recipe’s instructions very well). But they always turn out great. That’s more of a credit to my mom’s recipe, not necessarily my baking skills. Anyway, we have met and partnered with an agency, but before we began the home study and dossier process, we accepted the referral of a child.

Here is why this is potentially complicating: with each step of the adoption process comes fees and other types of payment. The adoption process, while often long and grueling, is good for spreading out the payments. In our case, there is very little being spread out because most everything happened on the front end. Our decision to adopt with our agency, accepting our child, and doing the home study/completing dossier: all this happened within 2 months! Still so crazy to think about.

So now we are looking at some large payments very soon. Our plan was to use the money from selling our house in Edmond to provide the funds for adoption while waiting for (hopefully) several grants to be given to us. I still have a long list of grants to apply for, but the applications can’t happen until our home study is complete, which will likely be sometime in January. But to secure our little Flower, we must pay the referral fees now. So the problem: house hasn’t sold yet, grants can’t be applied for yet, and our little Flower needs funds secured immediately so that a social worker in Africa can be hired to do her job on their end for the adoption. If only they knew how much we already love her and wanted her in our forever family- then they would just give us a thumbs up and we could bring her home without all the red-tape government and money nonsense. If only.

Much sooner than we anticipated we are praying for God to provide what we need. I share all this simply to be honest about our journey- about how we had a plan, and how it appears that God had a different one. We are relying on Him for all of this anyway, the money is no different. I just ask that you continue to pray for us- for the safety and health of our little Flower, and for the needs on our end to bring her home. We know God goes before us, but often our faith waivers because we are looking at the problems and not to the One who has already solved them.


We love you all- and thank you so much for your support.

Image courtesy of Google Images.

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