She has a name!

Not much new to update- however, I wanted to share that we have given our little Flower a name, by which she will be called at the orphanage starting today!

I have been (over)thinking her name for weeks now. I was told by a friend of Shane and I’s, who is married to a wonderful Nigerian man, that it is customary for African babies to be given two names: a tribal name and a religious name. Since we are unsure about our little Flower’s history, we went with the largest and most common tribe in the area where she was found. I searched and searched for a tribal name with meaning. I wanted it to be purposeful and special. I came upon a name that was just such, and asked for our agent to confirm with little Flower’s caregivers that it was authentic (because you never know about the Internet). Turns out it was- and the caregivers even said it was a beautiful name in their culture!

As for her religious name, I also wanted it to be full of meaning. I didn’t fret over this one quite as much since I’m a little more familiar with women of the Bible compared to African tribal names. We settled on a woman who is strong, godly and faithful. Just like our little Flower, this woman experienced great tragedy in her life- but more than that, she followed her God and stayed true to Him and her remaining loved one. It’s a name that I hope our little Flower grows to love. Hopefully I’ll be able to share it soon- but I want to wait on confirmation.

In other news, we have made a family photo book with Shane and I’s immediate relatives to send to our little Flower. Her caregivers are wanting to introduce us as soon as possible, and pictures are the only way to do that. I made a beautiful little cardboard book- it is small enough that her little hands can turn the pages and it won’t be easily ripped. The best part is she will more than likely receive it by Christmas! Our own little Christmas miracle! We are also allowed to send her gifts if we choose, but still unsure if they will have to go through the adoption agency first. But that was some welcome news.

We are still waiting on quite a bit of information. Communication is difficult with the time difference alone, but add in everyone’s schedules and responsibilities and I can already tell information is not going to come quickly very often.

Hopefully I’ll have more information to share soon. Or I might be doing another blog update on my impatience *eyeroll emoji*…

Thank you for all your encouragement, support and prayers. I can say with confidence that they are felt and appreciated!




One thought on “She has a name!

  1. How exciting! I can only imagine your anticipation of all to come. I must admit however, I was disappointed that you couldn’t share the names yet after I anticipated it coming from your first few sentences! 🙂 Prayers for your sweet family and all that is to come!


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