Medical Mumbo-Jumbo

Just had to share with everyone the great news: Ruth is healthy!

We knew she was in general good health when we were first matched, but we didn’t know anything for sure. She hadn’t had any tests run prior to her medical exam we just recently provided for her. We were concerned about HIV, specifically.

Shane and I had done research on adopting a child who is HIV positive, and from what we discovered the treatments for HIV have come a very long way in recent years. If early detection is made and treatment begins immediately, the person can live a perfectly normal, long life with HIV. We were pretty sure that we could handle this- I had even called to check with our health insurance provider to make sure that HIV/AIDS treatment was covered (and it was.) We were willing to love our Ruthie no matter what- we just have been anxiously awaiting to find out what the “what” may be.

The biggest issue would be providing her with treatment while she was still at the orphanage. Of course, we would want to make sure she got what she needed (daily medication), we would just have to be doing it out-of-pocket. And I’m sure that would have been a huge headache, not to mention an equally huge added expense.

Thankfully God has answered our prayers for health the way we desired (sometimes, He doesn’t: and though it’s hard to do, we still need to trust). This was some very good news- and I couldn’t wait to share it so I’m sitting on my living room floor with a half-dusted TV console, oily fingers from the cleaning solution and joyous tears streaming down my cheeks. I’m just so thankful.

Praise the Lord!

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