Passing Around the Cyber-Offering Plate

We are just chugging along on the paperwork front of Ruthie’s adoption! I’m like a form-filling locomotive who can’t be stopped. Chugga-chugga-sign-and-date-here-please!

But seriously, we’re making some good progress. Our home study is all but finished. Just waiting on it to be typed up and sent to us. That is a big step done, which means we are also eligible to have a crowd-funding account on our agency’s affiliate website!

Many of you have been so complimentary of our transparency through the process thus far, and we desire to continue to be transparent. That being said, I wanted to share the financial details a little more in depth on this post.

If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you’ll know we originally planned on adopting from India. Other than age requirements, the other factors that were big in that decision was the time in country (only 2 weeks) and the cost, which was on the lower end of the international adoption spectrum. Nigeria was not an option for us when we began, as it was a brand new program that had not been advertised yet. However, in late November when we saw Ruthie’s online biography, we figuratively (and maybe literally, for me) went weak in the knees. We jumped into the deep end and began asking questions just before we hit the water: how much is this going to cost? How long are we going to have to be gone? How long is this process going to take? Can we even commit to her?

We were told very quickly that it would be a year before we could bring Ruthie home. Big bummer, but of course we would think that after seeing her precious face. We could deal with a year. Turns out the in country visitation was pretty steep- 4 weeks minimum with both Shane and I, and the possibility of me having to stay in country for up to 3 months- but after speaking with our pastor we were assured that with proper planning and time management, we could make it work. So with that confirmation, our toes were getting wet.

So the last thing was the cost. We knew before ever committing to international adoption that it was going to be pricey. Sometimes, seeing the actual numbers on paper still takes the wind out of me, even when we knew the ballpark figure. For Ruthie’s adoption, we will be paying anywhere from around $28,000 to $34,000 (that includes all government fees as well as estimated traveling expenses).

Yeah, I know.

This was more than India, but not so much that we felt like we couldn’t continue. So- here we are, fully submerged in the waters of adoption! Soaked all over, but our spirits are not heavy. So far, we have had to pay our agency and the Nigerian equivalent of OKDHS about $12,000. That’s been a hefty chunk of change with our house still sitting on the market and no grants/donations coming in. But God has provided, and we know he will continue to do so.

We now have the option to allow our family and friends, who feel led to give, the opportunity to do so. I want to reiterate something I said in a much earlier post: we are not expecting anyone to give. We do not want anyone to give who feels they just can’t afford it right now. We don’t want anyone to give unless you simply want to. We have been so blessed and encouraged by the interest, support and enthusiasm of our friends and family towards Ruthie. It has been amazing. If you wish to help us fund her adoption, you can now donate to our family on this page: Haff Family funding site .

If you want to give anonymously, there is an option for that, as well. There’s an option online to make your contribution to our family anonymous, or if you’re old fashioned just make a check out to Nightlight Christian Adoptions with Shane and Beth Haff in the memo line, then send to the following address:

Nightlight Christian Adoptions
5110 S Yale #525
Tulsa, OK 74135

 If you would rather just send a check, that is perfectly fine, too. It can be made out to Shane and Beth Haff. Our address is:

2521 E Hancock Street
Muskogee, OK 74403

You can be sure that the money you contribute will be used for Ruthie’s adoption, I promise I won’t let Shane go buy a fishing boat with donations *wink*. Not that he would- he hates fishing. But, you get the point!

Thank you again, for journeying with us to bring our baby girl home. November can’t get here soon enough!

You can also purchase a T-shirt to help support our adoption journey by visiting this page and filling out the order form.

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