Day 3 Update

10:00 – we leave our apartment for the orphanage after a breakfast of scrambled eggs (some things never change). It rained overnight for the first time since we have been here.

10:55 – We arrive at the orphanage.

12:35 – We leave the orphanage after visiting with Ruth. Today seemed to start just like yesterday. She was very clingy to her care giver and wanted nothing to do with us. Her caregiver took her back out of the room and told us she had a poopy diaper. When she brought Ruth back she did a complete 180. The caregiver placed her in Beth’s lap and she didn’t protest. She and Allen both had cheese puffs and a sucker.

Ruth still wasn’t interacting much, but she was at least sitting with Beth. I got some books down for us to read and she was looking at the pictures as we read and looking at us and making eye contact. Then Allen got down in the floor to play and Ruth watched him intently but never wanted to join in.

I mostly played in the floor with Allen when I wasn’t reading Ruth a story. She did not want to sit with me, but that is ok. Even if she is just comfortable with Beth that will make the process much easier. If she can feel safe with Beth she will eventually become used to me as she sees me interact with Beth and Allen.

At one point she reached out and held Beth’s hand without Beth initiating that contact. She did let me touch her arm and hand but was very unsure about that.  We still haven’t heard her talk nor has she given much of a visual response when we speak to her beyond opening her mouth for food or water.

She started to get tired so Beth went to ask her caregiver about her normal routine. While they were talking Ruth fell asleep so we gave her to the caregiver to put down for a nap and we left.

All in all a great visit that far exceeded our expectations and gave us hope for tomorrow’s transition. We don’t expect tomorrow to be easy in any way, but hopefully today will make tomorrow easy. It would have been nice to have been able to take her today while she was so cooperative.

Allen is a hit with the caregivers at the orphanage. He makes them laugh and one of them asked if we wanted to leave Allen with them lol. There was a little boy that was very curious about us today but also very shy. He kept walking by the door but as soon as you looked at him he would scurry away. Allen wanted to play with him but it was not to be.

1:10 – I downloaded a PBA bowling game on my phone overnight to play some on car rides so I don’t run out of books. I may be addicted. Someone send help!

1:40 – stopped at grocery store 1300 Naria ($3.61) for a pineapple, 8 juice boxes, 4 bags of noodles (similar to ramen noodles) and a big bag of suckers.

1:58 – we arrive back at our apartment. Allen invites our driver to come and watch the cars movie with him but settled for just taking a picture instead.



2:30 – After eating a late lunch (praise the Lord for lunch!) we sat on the couch with Allen to watch Cars.  In other unrelated news there is a 50-50 chance that the Cars movie is going to get lost somewhere in Africa.  Toy Story is the objectively better movie.  I miss Allen’s Toy Story phase.

3:59 – I just finished my first book… maybe the bowling game isn’t slowing me down as much as I hoped…

4:00 – Our power went out.  That isn’t uncommon here, but our apartment has a generator.

5:00 – We decided to walk to the Dominos/Coldstone that was just down the street to celebrate a good day and in anticipation of not going anywhere for awhile after we get Ruth back to the apartment.  We ordered a medium pizza with 2 drinks for 14,050 Naria which is basically $11.50.  We were going to get ice cream afterwards but we decided to take our pizza back home and eat it there instead.


Untitled 2


8:00 – Allen is in bed, we have taken showers and it is time to relax for a little bit (for what may be the last time for a really long time.)  Interesting side note, their hot water heaters are very small tanks mounted on the wall in their bathroom.  You turn them on with a light switch on the wall and only about 20 minutes before you are going to use them.  Then afterwards you turn them back off.

If tonight is like most normal nights since we have been here we will watch an episode or 2 of Home Improvement, get our things ready for tomorrow, and then Beth will go to bed while I stay up to work or read for a little while.

Prayer Requests

  • Tomorrow is the day we bring Ruth home.  Pray that she would be in a good mood tomorrow and open to us like she was today.
  • Pray for the car ride home (which could be very difficult) and her first night here.  Hopefully she will feel safe and will sleep during the night.
  • Pray that Allen would continue to do well.  He has done really well with playing on his own when we need him to and has been a real trooper.



2 thoughts on “Day 3 Update

  1. Shane, Beth, & Allen

    Eliza and I love you and are praying for you

    We specifically pray for God’s love and guidance over your family tomorrow.
    We pray for Ruth’s peace and for her to see the love you all and God has for her!
    We pray for peace and for rest tonight,
    We also thank the Lord for Shane and Beth’s courage and their friendship to us!


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