Day 4 Update: Bringing Ruth Home

9:30 – leave apartment and our driver stops to get gas.  An interesting side note: gas costs $1.52 per gallon here and someone pumps it for you. Seems like a much better value then I get at home!

10:00 – we arrive at ministry and have to sit and wait for quite a while to no apparent reason. There isn’t anyone else here. I’m not sure what is going on exactly.

11:00 – we leave ministry with worker and with one of our agents for the orphanage

12:00 – we arrive at orphanage. When we received our letter or release we also received a copy to keep with our passports. We were told to leave our passports locked up in our apartment so we also left that letter there. Apparently we were supposed to bring it with us so the director of the orphanage could sign it. Now we are sitting in a room waiting while they try to make a copy or something. The ministry official doesn’t seem concerned but I’m worried they will make us come back tomorrow now.

12:40 – our agent asked if the bag of clothes we had was what Ruth was going to change into. I’m taking that as a positive sign to indicate she is still leaving with us today.

12:44 – they bring Ruth into the room and she goes right to Beth!  Then they take pictures with us, the caregivers, the director, the government officials, etc. I can not post those pictures here since they have Ruth’s face on them but I posted one on the facebook group.  But there are many more then that one. (Celebrity status? I picture us on billboards lol)

12:49 – Ruth falls asleep on Beth’s shoulder

12:56 – we leave the orphanage. With her asleep the car ride back seems like it will be easy. My only fear now is that she will wake up at our apartment and be scared because she doesn’t know where she is.

2:05 – we arrive home just in time for the power to go out

2:30 – no nap for Allen (he dozed off 5 min before we got home but couldn’t go back to sleep) so now he and Ruth are coloring and watching Cars. On the bright side maybe Ruth will love the movie so much we will have to leave it in Nigeria when we come back and then I will have 4-6 weeks with no cars in my life!  Although that might give me mixed feelings about Beth and Ruth coming into the county if that means a return of Cars…

2:38 – Beth brings a glass of water in and gives Ruth a sip. When Ruth is done she points at Allen to make sure he gets some.  This is going so much better then we expected!  Is it possible that we might have one of the easiest adoptions ever?

3:49 – Ruth started to get sleepy so Beth laid on the couch with Ruth on her chest so she could rest some.  Allen got jealous so I laid on the other end of the couch with him.  It only took about 2 minutes for him to realize he doesn’t want to be that still and he got down and started playing again.

4:15 – Ruth’s eyes started to water a little bit.  I’m not sure if she is allergic to something or on the verge of crying.  She still doesn’t look scared.

4:40 – She started crying now.  I think she has just had so much happen that she is overwhelmed.

4:50 – New theory: she is scared of me, so I am now hiding out in the kitchen feeding Allen.

5:00 – Ruth kept pointing at the door, so Beth took her outside. I thought maybe she was cold (the orphanage doesn’t have AC) but Beth thinks it is just that she wants to leave here.

5:15 – She stopped crying when our agent came over.  We are staying in a guesthouse she has and she was bringing a repair man over to take care of a few issues we discovered.  Ruth wanted to go to her and then didn’t want to come back to us.

It was pretty much up and down like this for the rest of the evening.  Ruth would alternate being ok and then crying.  At one point Beth took her upstairs to look out a window at a bunch of people out in the courtyard outside.  Allen wanted to go too so I carried him up and we looked out for awhile.  Allen is doing great so far.  I have been trying to hang out with him a lot while Beth has been with Ruth so he doesn’t feel left out and talking to him about what is going on.  Hopefully he continues to be a good sport.

6:30 – Ruth and Allen both fell asleep on the cough so Beth went to bed with Ruth and I put Allen to bed in the other room.  We decided to sleep in different rooms with them tonight at least in case one of them has a bad night at least 1 parent and child will be well rested tomorrow.  7:30 is too early for me to go to bed so I came downstairs to do some laundry, boil some water, and do some dishes.  I am basically a stay at home dad now lol.

Had to take a break there bc I heard crying from upstairs.  I went to go listen at the door and discovered it was Allen and not Ruth crying.  Apparently he had to pee, sat up in bed and hit his head (hence the crying), and then when I finally got him calmed down enough for him to tell me he needed to go pee about a half a second before he went in his bed. So, now having changed him, wiped him down, given him the blankets off of my bed, and putting him back to sleep I’m back at it.  All in a normal Nigerian night I guess.  I’m gonna sign off now and try to get some sermon writing done and maybe some reading.  I’ll be back tomorrow with another (probably less organized) update tomorrow.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Random Notes and Funny Quotes:

  • Today we took our little internet device (think small remote control size with an 8 hour batter) with us so we could have access to messaging if we needed it while we were out.  While we were driving down the road I said, “It is kind of cool to just walk around with the internet in your pocket.” To which Beth responded, “Yeah it’s almost like a cell phone.” *Facepalm….
  • When we took the kids to look out the window Beth said, “Look at all the people.”  And Allen replied, “Oh people! I want one!”
  • At one point while Ruth was crying she looked up at Beth, took her glasses, put them on, and then stopped crying.  But she wouldn’t give them back for like 45 minutes.  I’ve worn Beth’s glasses before and they hurt my eyes (she is blind as a bat… and hopefully won’t read this lol).  I will post a picture of it in the comments of this post.

Prayer Requests:

  • That Beth and Ruth would have a good night tonight
  • Ruth would begin to acclimate to the new normal tomorrow and feel more comfortable with us
  • Allen wouldn’t feel left out
  • Typically you have a 2 week bonding period and then a ministry official comes to observe you and recommend to the court that your adoption be finalized or you have 2 more weeks of bonding time.  Our court date is only 13 days from today so we will not have that full 2 weeks.  So pray that Ruth bonds quickly (at least enough to get the recommendation of the ministry official).

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