Day 6 Update

Beth here.

Last night Ruth seemed to sleep pretty well. I’m thankful for her getting 12+ hours of sleep each night since we’ve had her.

Today was very difficult. She was very clingy, which is probably a good sign, meaning she’s beginning to attach to me. However, it is emotionally and physically draining. Holding a 20 something lb toddler for hours straight is not good for my back. I think I’m going to try the Moby wrap my sister got me right before we left, maybe that will make things easier. If Ruth will let me use it, that is.

There were moments today when Ruth opened up we’re so nice. But those only happened when we were alone, just she and I. That’s the tricky part of bonding- Ruth isn’t going to bond with our whole family at once, so it will take quite a bit of time.

She is also learning about her stomach’s capacity for food, too, I believe. Our contact here in Nigeria said that Ruth is not used to food being readily accessible- so when she finally realizes that it’s not going anywhere, she will eat less. Today, Ruth had more to eat than I did. Maybe more than Shane, too. And I think she over did it just a bit. But we want her to know that she can eat whenever she wants, we just want her to learn that she won’t ever go hungry again.

She isn’t using words, mostly just pointing and nodding or shaking her head. Ruth is very much like a newborn, and probably will be for some time. For the first time since we brought her back she did let me lay her down to go to sleep. I wasn’t allowed to take her shoes off and I had to lay down, as well, but that was a sign that she’s growing more comfortable here, I believe.

She fell asleep just a couple minutes after 6, so we will see how her night goes. Please pray it’s a restful night for her.

Allen woke up with a slight fever, and I’ll admit I was very worried. The last thing I want is for any of our health to be compromised while we’re here. We asked for you all to pray- and you are. Thank you so much, we can’t share enough how much your prayers mean to us. They are what’s keeping this family from losing it. Allen’s fever disappeared after he had some Tylenol and hasn’t really been back since. And he has also acted normal. So that is a huge praise!

All in all, there was probably a lot of good that happened today, but we just coukdn’t see it. I imagine there will be lots of these days, and they are extremely taxing. Here are some ways you can pray for us:

⁃ Pray that Ruth will continue to attach to us, and that she understands that she’s safe, loved and will never go hungry.

⁃ Pray for all our body’s health: we don’t want to have any concerns added to what we’re already dealing with in working to gain Ruth’s trust and getting home ASAP

⁃ Pray the adoption process is not delayed, and that government officials would even work miraculously quickly to get all of Ruth’s documents in order so we can go home as soon as possible.

⁃ Pray for me, especially, that God would give me the strength an unconditional love Ruth needs from me in these coming days- because I absolutely can’t do this on my own

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