Day 7 Update

We have officially been in Lagos for one week!

This morning started off rather well (even though I was a bit sleep deprived from the snoring and flailing!)

Ruthie and I got up about 7:30 this morning and had some breakfast silly time (she’s enamored with my phone). She ate less this morning, which was encouraging. I’m hoping that means she’s less hungry and also she knows the food isn’t going to disappear.

She’s still reserved around Shane, but I think I’ve seen some improvement today, which is wonderful. She and Allen are already best buds and she will play freely with him when Shane isn’t right in the vicinity. She will sit next to him and tickle him, mess with his iPad game, kiss his hands etc. It’s very sweet! Except Allen gets annoyed after a while because Ruthie hasn’t learned when to stop. Let the sibling scuffles begin! Oh- and sharing is also going to be a learned trait- for both kiddos!

I’m starting to be able to set some boundaries with her. She gets fixated on doing repeated tasks (wiping the yogurt off her spoon with a wet wipe, or taking all the wipes out of a package) and I can’t let her keep on or we’ll run out of wipes in 10 min! Also, grabbing at my phone when I’m using it (like now, as I’m typing this!) has to stop or she’s going to accidentally delete something, and we don’t have the WiFi power to re-download a bunch, ha! But I think she knows now that we mean good for her, and a little trust has begun.

Nap time was a bit rough. I tried putting her down before she was deeply asleep. Had to reset with food and then wait for her to fall asleep again, which never takes long. So she was mad at me upon waking up. This girl hold grudges!

We had company over for a good portion of the afternoon. A Nigerian-American family who are in the middle of their adoption came by to introduce themselves. Their court date is on Wednesday, so we are praying that all goes well for their family! They are staying on Victoria Island, or to locals, “the island.” It was about an hour’s drive from here, so it was no small feat for them to come see us. We really appreciated their company!

The rest of the evening was very good- we ordered pizza (Ruthie just ate a little) and then Shane gave Ruthie and Allen a bath. This is going to prove to be wonderful bonding time for Shane and Ruth as she loves baths and let’s Shane interact quite a lot.

Ruthie still won’t let me put her down to sleep, so I’m finishing up this update as she’s snoring on my chest. I don’t guess I mind much- we have lots of time to make up for.

Thank you to all who reached out to me after yesterday’s update- it meant the world to me. While yesterday was incredibly difficult, today was only so-so difficult, and mostly because Allen and Ruthie were playing together so much! How does 2 toddlers equal 4 x’s the work compared to just one?! That math doesn’t add up, and nobody warned me! Ha!

But really, your prayers during this time have kept our family together- I guarantee it. They have also moved mountains to get us this far along in the legal process. Some things you can continue to pray about on top of previous posts:

Pray that our process is miraculously quick. As in, home by the end of December quick. Only God can work that out- but He has done great things for us, and is capable of even more! (Ruthie will probably regress a little when we get home because it will be another unfamiliar environment- and we would prefer to get that readjustment process going as soon as possible so we can find our new normal)

Pray that we all remain healthy. And that we will be able to see a pediatrician to help us handle some minor health issues Ruthie has.

Pray for continued strength and loving nature’s for Shane and I, compassion and patience for big little brother Allen, and comfort and peace for Ruthie

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