Update day 9

Last night was the roughest yet. I posted some audio of Ruth’s snore because I was just convinced it wasn’t right (I didn’t even know it was an indicator of something wrong). So in the morning, Esu (from Morgan Hill) was kind enough to take us to a clinic close to where we are staying.

We got a normal workup, spoke with a doctor and got some x-rays of her chest and adenoids. She has bacterial pneumonia and enlarged adenoids. We got medication for the pneumonia and also something just in case of a parasitic presence in her digestive system.

She did very well at the doctor’s this morning (took from 9-12). She got upset a few times, but candy (gummy bears) held her over for a bit. We got everything done in one place: doctor visit, x-rays and prescription. That was kind of nice. It cost a little under 20,000 Naira which equates to about $54! Can’t say we’d get that price in America…

Nap-time went well, although the kids sleeping together affects them a little bit. Allen is used to sleeping all by himself, so if Ruthie wakes up and cries it wakes him up as well. But, today was good, so we count that a blessing.

The afternoon was good and laid back. Allen and Ruthie and I played for a while, and Shane joined us in the room without Ruthie closing up. So we consider that another improvement! Shane also fed Ruthie most of her lunch. We should have had him feeding her since the beginning, but we didn’t and now have a little catching up to do. But slow and steady progress is still progress.

It was suggested that we get out a little more to help us not feel so homesick. Staying stuck inside is probably making the time seem like it’s passing more slowly than it is. So we went to the market across the street after dinner. Allen was a hit- he was feeling social and was chatting up everyone who would listen, which was most everyone! Ruth just looked around- she wouldn’t have me put her down at all, but she waved to a few people, even if a smile never appeared.

Now the kids are down (even though I don’t think Allen is asleep yet). Hoping beyond hope that we all get some decent sleep tonight. I’m sure the meds won’t have kicked in enough to help Ruth feel better yet, but praying God grants us is a restful night in spite of all that is against us.

Thank you for your continued prayers, advice and encouragement. We feel them by the minute and would not be able to do this without our amazing support group!

Prayer requests to remember:

Pray that Ruthie’s health issues become non-existent very soon with the medication we have for her.

Pray for a good night’s sleep for all, this is the much needed commodity.

Pray for an increase in bonding with all family members.

Pray for the upcoming social worker visit to go well so that our court date remains on Dec 6.

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