Update day 10 (one week from court date!)

Well, unfortunately another rough night. This will just be a continual prayer request while we’re here, I’m afraid. I’m trying to be okay with it, it’s just extremely difficult with how long the days are and how tired we all get. But, this is just a phase- she will one day sleep all night and so will I! It just may not be for a few more weeks!

Ruth is opening up a little quicker every day, which is encouraging. She likes to play on the iPad and play with Allen. She has also been a little more relaxed around Shane. Letting him bathe and clothe and brush her teeth all without a hint of a breakdown. That’s a big improvement! We’re so thankful for that- we might end up having a daddy’s girl in her yet!

Hoping that the antibiotics kick in very soon and that relieves some pressure in her nose. However, we are going to go to a consultation with an ENT on Friday. It’s absolutely ridiculous how difficult it is for her to breathe; mostly at night, but I’ve also noticed how often her mouth is open during the day now and how she has difficulty breathing while eating. We just want more information and to have options to make the best decision for her.

We played outside with the neighbors for a few minutes this afternoon. They have twin boys about the same age as the kids, just a little younger. They were so nice to share their toys with us! It’s so hot, but these kids needed to run and be free. They got a bath so all is good. And we still haven’t seen a mosquito yet (fingers crossed).

Also, Shane was contacted by our pastor today with a very timely and touching blessing: SEBC desires for Shane to remain with us until the adoption process is complete so we can continue bonding as a family and so Shane and I can stay together and be there for one another. This was like a waterfall of relief for me. Shane and I can’t even express how touched we our by the support of church family. I am literally at a loss for words. God truly has ordained our lives to be at SEBC- we are overwhelmed by his provision and the way he is using our church. And now I’m crying tears of joy so I’d better move on!

We have gotten confirmation that our final appearance at the ministry and our social worker assessment will both be Monday! This is great to know. We are anxious to get the legal process moving along since we have been so fortunate to have bonded well with Ruthie. We aren’t concerned about the visit, but would still covet your prayers for that day! You all know how toddlers can be- they have their moods and days just like we all do- and we just don’t want it to be that particular day!

Thank you all so much for the outpouring of love- Shane and I fail to fully articulate how much each comment and message matters to us. I am often reading them in the wee hours of the morning when sleep is no where to be found and they give me such encouragement. We will be updating again tomorrow!

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