Update Day 12

Whew- another good night for Ruth, mostly!She is still snoring a decent amount, and I am gathering that she is a tummy sleeper because that’s how she ends up settling down. However, that makes the snoring even worse- so her comfortable position is not really an option right now.

The morning went pretty well- other than Ruth putting up quite the protest on taking her medicine. That has recently become a struggle when it wasn’t before. But, we just had to out-wait her stubbornness and got it done. I know it must taste awful, but we need her healthy! We played around while waiting for a couple errands to run. We have to present pictures on our court date, along with getting Ruth’s passport photos and then we meet with the specialist to discuss what might need to be done to Ruth’s adenoids.

The specialist looked at Ruth’s x-ray and her tonsils and determined that her airway is blocked 80% by the adenoids and her tonsils are a 3 (scale of 1-4 with 1 being normal). We were given a prescription for a steroid that we are praying will give her the relief she needs while we are here. We will wait to do surgery, if that’s necessary, until we get home.

Allen has been especially difficult the past couple days. I’m sure everything is catching up to him a bit- and he’s handling it by acting out. He did not nap well, so to preserve our sanity it was iPads almost all afternoon. However, I think the educational games Ruthie plays are helping a little with language. Things like colors, shapes, numbers, sizes etc. Or, I’d like to think so! I sit with her while she plays and try to help a little bit letting her learn on her own, too.

Dinner and bedtime were uneventful, which is good. Shane is taking on the responsibility of feeding Ruth and bathing her to help her become more comfortable. Those things are very nurturing tasks. We were advised to let him do those- even when she is uncomfortable- so that she will associate her daddy with safe things. I am guessing that Ruth has not been abused by men in the past, or even had much of a bad experience with them. She is not significantly more wary of men versus women, just strange people versus familiar people. But this is just me wanting to hope for the best- we will never know this side of heaven what Ruth endured before July 19, 2016. But we are thankful that she’s warming up to daddy, even if it’s a much slower process.

Some exciting news- we are in contact with another American family that is here adopting a set of siblings! We are trying to plan a play date between us. However, we use the same driver so we’re trying to figure out logistics. They have adopted before and will have 5 boys total when they get home! Wow! It will be so nice to spend time with other Americans- some familiarity will be a welcome feeling. Now all we need is to visit a Frank-n-Swine for some chili-cheese dogs and have board game night with friends and we’ll be cured of homesickness! Ha! Oh, and some Chick-fil-A…

We are preparing for quite the busy week next week. We are thankful for things to do: it helps us feel like we’re not just “sitting and wasting time,” even though we know that’s not what we’re doing now. We are praying for a miraculously quick processing time. Shane (the realist) is keeping my head out of the clouds, but those of you who know me know I’ve already got the screenplay for our Hallmark adoption home by Christmas movie going in my head!

In all seriousness, we are so ready to be home, but we are strengthened by your prayers and encouragement. We are trusting in God to do what he has been doing since the beginning of this journey: to work everything out for his glory and our good.

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