Update Day 13

Last night was pretty good- Ruth slept well and I could tell a significant decrease in her snoring. It wasn’t gone, but it was definitely less. So that’s great!

Breakfast was a bit of a battle. She wouldn’t eat from Shane. This doesn’t surprise us since she was more open with him yesterday than ever, and we’re still experiencing the “pattern” of noticeable progress and invisible progress (that’s how I’m thinking of it so I don’t get discouraged). And the fact that naps didn’t happen today didn’t exactly lift anyone’s spirits!

That was just kind of the theme for all of today. Ruth seemed to revert back to her clingy earlier self, which I’m sure is normal. And also a result of the no nap thing. However, she is fine with Shane doing most everything for her, like bathing, dressing, teeth brushing, etc. so that is very encouraging! Breakfast was the only time she seemed to resist his efforts.

Today was one of those days where we were feeling pretty homesick. It’s probably impossible to prepare someone who has never adopted before for the emotional toll it will take. We have never been on such a roller coaster of emotions all at once before. Add to those raging emotional rides the responsibility of two toddlers 24/7, without even a break when they sleep (or don’t!), and that’s a recipe for a pretty drained mom and dad. Some days it’s easier to focus on the positives, but this day was a bit of a struggle.

But we know we have an incredible support group lifting us up to the Father almost around the clock. We need it, too: we are very, very human.

Tomorrow we are going to worship at the church that the director from Morgan Hill attends. We are looking forward to that quite a bit! Visiting other churches is not something that we get to do, ha! We are hoping to gain some encouragement by worshipping with other believers. And it will be special as we’re culturally so different but spiritually one family!

Prayer requests:

That we see a significant difference in Ruth’s health and sleeping, especially for peace while sleeping. We want he to know she’s safe and loved and has nothing to be scared about.

For Allen to be patient beyond his years and flexible.

Blessings on next week’s legal process. That everything would get rolling in such a speedy fashion that no one can take credit except our Lord.

For peace and patience for Shane and I. For continued strength amidst the most demanding time in our life and renewed faith.

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