Day 15 Update

Last night was probably the best night Ruth has had since being here. Her snoring didn’t start until the wee hours of the morning and didn’t get heavy until around 5 or so- this is good. We hope she’s able to breath this easy for the rest of our trip. We will follow up with the doctor on the 12th to make sure she is recovered from the pneumonia.

This morning we headed to the ministry at 9:15 for some final paperwork and preparations for court on Wednesday. We were there until almost 2, then got home after 2 and immediately started the assessment.

Today was definitely a test in patience and trust. There was a lot of commotion and questions flying this morning in the ministry. Shane and I didn’t really know what was going on, but we trust the Morgan Hill staff. It was just a frenzy of preparing for court on Wednesday and making sure everyone understood our case and all original ministry issued documents were ready to go.

Shane has been nervous about the “test,” and after the very long morning we had (the kids did pretty well, all things considered) and no lunch or nap, I was nervous, too. But it ended up going extremely well- there was nothing to be nervous about. Both kids opened up and we’re just very comfortable and themselves.

The rest of the day- well, for those of you who know what toddlers are like when they miss their nap, you understand. For some reason, when kids this age don’t get the sleep they need, they get a little drowsy at first, but that is QUICKLY replaced by hyperactive behavior. Shane and I gave each other several looks throughout the evening that meant, “We were crazy to adopt another kid at this age.” Haha! I know we don’t even know what we’ve gotten ourselves into. Oh well, who does, right?!

We are likely going to meet the Wilks family tomorrow. We are looking forward to meeting them and we’ve been texting on WhatsApp for a few days now. They are a veteran adoptive family, so I’m hoping to gain some pearls of wisdom!

I’m thinking it will be good that tomorrow we will have nothing on the schedule. We should rest and make sure the kids get all the rest they can before Wednesday: our day at court will be long with no breaks. Going to have to pack enough food for us all for the day and make sure we have plenty for the kids to stay entertained. But that’s just one step closer to us getting home!

I would also like to share that the director of Morgan Hill has shared with us that she SEES the power of our friends’ and family’s prayers on our behalf. She has marveled at how smoothly our case has progressed and she is thrilled. THANK YOU all you amazing people- how incredible that our God listens, cares, and awes us with his power to move intricately through hundreds of thousands of different people to bring our family together so seamlessly. It’s truly incredible.

Prayer Requests:

Continued prayers for health, bonding and rest for us all.

Praise for a successful bonding assessment!

Pray for Wednesday- that everything would go according to plan and we are that much closer to getting everything necessary for moving forward with getting Ruth to be officially a Haff and closer to getting home!

Pray for patience and stamina for Shane and I- dealing with these kiddos in an environment we have no control over is no small feat. We also feel the added pressure to appear that we “have it all together” in front of the Nigerian ministry- as if we were always being put to the test to see if we’re worthy or not. I know that’s not the case, but I can’t seem to shake that feeling.

Pray for the Wilks family, as well- they are just one step behind us in this process. We are praying that everything goes as smoothly for them as it has for us and that they can get home as soon as possible!

Pray that on Wednesday the adoption cases are called first so that we can move even farther ahead in our process.

Pray that the meeting Morgan Hill’s director has tomorrow with immigration goes favorably and we will be allowed to apply for Ruth’s passport here in Lagos.

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