Day 16 Update

Last night was another decent night. Ruth is still having some breathing obstruction issues when laying down, but as long as we can maintain where she’s at now then we’ll focus on taking care of that at home. During her nap it was pretty bad. I’m afraid that she will regress once the steroids are gone in about a week.

The morning was good and laid back. We learned how to use the cable yesterday and the kids watched a few shows on Nick Jr. this morning! That was nice. Allen has been struggling severely with listening, so lots of discipline has been happening as of late. It’s not fun, but neither would a trip to the ER be from a fall off the couch. More parenting joys.

We tried and failed (several times) at contacting the U.S. Consulate here in Nigeria. An e-mail has been sent, but I’m not optimistic on getting a response. We are wanting to be prepared to hit the ground running when we have Ruth’s passport, but there are a lot of questions about the process and what’s needed. Hopefully we will get those questions answered soon.

The meeting with immigration was not as favorable as we were praying and hoping for, but the alternative is manageable. We will apply for Ruth’s passport in Ogun state, only an hour and 30 min from where we are now. So we are thankful that it’s not a longer trip. We are still counting that as a big win! It could take up to 4 days to get Ruth’s passport (can’t get it that quickly in the states, can we?!)

We did get to meet the Wilks family today- they are wonderful! It was nice to chat and meet their kiddos. They are adopting a sibling set of 3. Allen thoroughly enjoyed having them here to play with! Ruth was pretty stoic the whole time. They are right behind us in the process- they go to court next Wednesday for their finalization. We are hoping to get to go to the big Nigerian market with them on Thursday. That will be a fun cultural experience!

The rest of the day was spent preparing for our big day at court tomorrow. We are very much looking forward to getting this part over with and moving forward. After the court rules the adoption final, there’s a host of documents to file and then waiting on Ruth’s birth certificate to come in so we can make the trip to apply for her passport. That shouldn’t take more than a week, but we’re praying for sooner than that!

Prayer requests:

Pray that Ruth is able to breathe well enough at night to get some sleep, and that her condition is not serious. We are anxious to get her home so we can finally provide some care that isn’t restricted by travel constraints etc.

Pray for tomorrow- that the adoption cases are seen first, that the kids are content during the process, that all our paperwork that needs filed gets done quickly and that we receive her birth certificate as quickly as possible-

Pray for patience for Shane and I- tomorrow will be long with lots to do, and two toddlers to keep in good spirits on top of everything else.

Pray for the Wilks family- that their court date scheduled for next week isn’t moved and that their bonding assessment is scheduled and goes well!

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