Day 18 Update

This morning started off well (even if the kids woke up a bit too early). Ruth and Allen played well for a good portion of the morning. Then- for whatever reason- she just got upset. Very similar to her first days with us. Cartoons were an adequate distraction, but we definitely know it will be a while before she’s completely comfortable with us with no reservations.

At about 10:30 this morning I left with Maryl Wilks and we went to the artifacts market. Think African suvinerrs. It was outside, and the best description is a lot of booths squished together and everyone was a salesman, of course. We had a Morgan Hill staff accompany us and she helped us get decent prices. There were a lot of handmade things- but they were all very similar in style. Still a good experience. We were told not to take the kids- and Allen definitely would’ve been a bull in a China shop. So it was a “me” day for Maryl and I.

At the market, I got just a few things. An elephant hand carved from ebony wood, a painting of a mother and son’s silhouette on an African sunset, a Nigeria magnet (we have a magnet collection on our fridge), a couple hand drums for Allen and Ruth, and a special head scarf for Ruth in the future. I wanted to get her something with meaning here in Nigeria, maybe that I could give her on her wedding day or something. It’s traditional for women to wear scarves/coverings on their heads, so I grabbed a very pretty blue one that could double as her “something blue” if she wants. Or she may not want it or want to do something else with it! I don’t care- just wanted her to have something of her birth culture down the road that has some meaning.

However, I felt really bad leaving Shane with both of the kids. Ruth was upset before I left, and then got upset again when I left. I spent most of our trip praying she was okay and that Shane didn’t hate me. But it was good to get away for a while. She’s not nearly as needy now, but it’s still an exhausting process.

She was alright at home with just daddy. He said it was kind of touch and go, but it was probably a valuable learning experience for her. I promised Shane I wasnt’t planning to leave for hours at a time while he kept both kids anymore, but now we know she won’t just be inconsolable the whole time even if I have to be gone.

While we were on Victoria Island for the market we stopped by the U.S. Consulate. I have been trying to get some questions answered for days and couldn’t reach anyone so I figured we could just stop by since we were already in that area. That was a very disappointing experience. I suppose I expected more openness and cooperation from the consulate to U.S. citizens asking for help. We were denied access as we didn’t have an appointment. It’s kind of difficult to schedule an appointment when nobody will answer the phone, though!

I believe I finally have most of the information needed to start the visa process, thanks to an e-mail, so all we need is Ruth’s passport. Speaking of, we will be finding out when we can apply for her passport on Monday. We are not able to request a certain day for an appointment, it will just be assigned to us. Please pray that whatever they assign to us is fast and that we get Ruth’s birth certificate before that appointment day is here.

It is very difficult having zero control over our time table. We were really hoping to be home by the end of the year, but the deeper into this process we get, the more unlikely that scenario becomes.

The evening was normal routine- dinner, bath and bed. We definitely look forward to their bedtime so we can finally have some time for just us. It’s amazing how just staying home with kids all day completely drains us.

Thank you for praying and keeping up with our journey. We truly do feel the prayers of our friends and family- they do not go unnoticed or unfelt! Keep them coming!

Prayer Requests:

We receive the adoption order and corresponding documents tomorrow as we were told.

Pray that we receive Ruth’s birth certificate very quickly.

Pray for a speedy appointment to get Ruth’s passport.

Pray that the process to get Ruth’s visa is smooth and quick.

God has gone before us, and we know He has ordained everything in this adoption. It will be very difficult for us (mostly me) to accept God not answering these requests as we wish and thus causing us to be away from home even longer. Please pray for our hearts, that we would keep in perspective: we will only be here for a limited time

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