Day 20 Update

It’s the weekend.

Most of the time this phrase is accompanied by feelings of relief or excitement or anticipation. But here, the weekend is dreaded. The weekend means nothing is being done to get us home. Nobody working on our case. Everything just stops and we just have to exist.

The morning started off really early for Shane and Allen. Allen is definitely not sleeping enough here, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Breakfast then played toys, read books, watched cartoons all morning. Basically anything to keep the kids entertained. We went outside for about 45 minutes this morning. It was overcast and so cool- definitely the most comfortable day since we’ve been here! Ruth still won’t detach from me outside, so we basically just walked up and down the driveway as Allen and daddy had races. It started raining right after Allen said he was ready to go inside- good timing! Ruth sure is going to be in for a surprise when we get home and it’s 20 degrees!

Pancakes for lunch (we can’t muster the energy to make them in the morning!) but Ruth doesn’t particularly like them. Allen has been asking for them for a while so I caved. Shane and I always have a game of Words with Friends going between us. If anyone else wants to join us and help keep our sanity, our usernames are Beppy89 and HaffnHaff!

Toddler moment to share with you: Ruth really likes her headphones. For whatever reason, they just quit working earlier this week. We have no idea why. She and Allen wanted to play on their iPads after their very puny nap, and she got mad because her headphones wouldn’t work- so she’s pouting and sitting on the couch with her headphones on! I tried explaining that she could play with the iPad without headphones to hear the sounds and demonstrated, and she understands, but still pout-worthy in her opinion. She pulled out of it eventually, but it took a while! Toddlers are toddlers!

I am just constantly praying that Monday things start to really move forward with the processing of all the documents we need. I don’t even want to think about an entire week of nothing happening. I am always either praying for things to move quickly, thinking of ways I can help move the process forward (none exist, but I can’t help but think about it), or daydreaming about the day we get to fly home. I can absolutely guarantee there will be nobody happier to be on an 11 hr flight than us- I cannot wait for that day.

It’s hard not to get depressed when we don’t have any idea of when we’ll be flying home. Taking it day by day is necessary, but even then your mind will go to “but when will it end?” And to make things sting a little more, tomorrow was the day Shane and Allen were supposed to fly home. He has been such a solid rock for me in this process, I am so grateful he is willingly staying longer than planned, but (of course) he wants to go home. We all want to go home. And we will be running out of Allen’s malaria meds soon (as well as Shane’s) so we’re still not sure how much longer they will stay. But for now I’m grateful for his presence. Grateful beyond words.

Ruth’s breathing at night is still pretty good. We have doctor visits on Tuesday and Friday or Saturday this week and I’m hoping she’s pneumonia free and that we can just continue using the steroids a little longer. So that’s definitely a prayer request.

I don’t believe we’re going to church tomorrow. It’s quite the hassle to get the kids out and keep them semi-well-behaved during a long church service, especially now that they’re getting tired of all the toys we brought. We plan on going again, though. Maybe next week. We are going to get to see more of the city, tomorrow. We will be with the director of Morgan Hill and the Wilks family- so that is something to look forward to and to help pass the day!

Thank you all for continuing to pray for us. Hoping (and praying HARD!) for a very productive week. Please feel free to message us or comment on the Facebook group with happenings at home! We love seeing what all is going on- it helps us to not feel so disconnected. Especially around the holidays when there’s so much festivity we’re missing out on. Next holiday season will be wonderful- but we sure do miss all the familiar traditions and happenings this year!

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