3 Week Update

21 days!

Last night was a little rough. Ruth was having night terrors, maybe? She would be whimpering/crying, but not awake. She wouldn’t let me comfort her, so I just had to wait until she woke up completely or went back to sleep. Hoping that doesn’t happen often.

The morning was relaxed. Surprisingly, the church behind our residence didn’t have a service this morning. Maybe every church in Lagos doesn’t have church every Sunday morning?

The power went off last night around 9 and didn’t come back on until 2 this afternoon! We ran the generator out of fuel it was on so long. That’s the longest stretch we’ve gone without being on grid power at all. But we were only without power of any kind for an hour or so, not bad. Just got a little warm while the kids napped is all.

The trip to the beach took about 1 hr and 15 minutes. We enjoy car rides, though- they’re always an adventure! The beach was very nice- had the day not been so overcast the ocean would have been a pretty green/blue. It was so nice! Ruth really enjoyed the atmosphere- we saw her more free than we’ve ever seen her. It hurts a little, knowing we are taking her from her culture. But I know in time she will feel as comfortable in Oklahoma as she does here.

We ate in a breezy structure on the beach. The kids loved watching all the people below, the music (although Allen wasn’t a fan of how loud it was at first) and especially the horses that were there to ride for a fee. Lots to see! We had fish and chips and rice- we loved the fish and rice! The chips (aka French fries) were good, just not like what we’re used to.

We enjoyed meeting some new people from Nigeria today- some friend’s of the director of Morgan Hill. Nigerians are such friendly people- they remind me so much of Southerners, minus the cultural differences.

Today was absolutely a welcome distraction. And a good experience in seeing what the people of Lagos do for fun! The beach was so nice- and there are 4 more beaches in Lagos, alone! This city is huge- it’s the largest city in Western Africa, and the second biggest in Africa only to Cairo, Egypt (thanks, dad!) 21 million people. Just wow!

Another week is about to begin. I can’t help but constantly think, “Will tomorrow be the day we get the order? Will we get to accomplish a lot this week towards getting to go home?” I still struggle with homesickness, but your prayers are definitely felt. We know God will bring us home in his time, it’s just so hard to be at peace when we want to be in our comfort zone. This is definitely a huge exercise in our faith.

Please pray:

That Ruth is healthy and then pneumonia is gone. Her follow up appointment is on Tuesday.

That we all get a good night’s sleep tonight- we all need it!

That this week would be a huge step forward in getting us home- it would be ideal to get the order and the birth certificate this week. And even though I know that much progress is unlikely, I can’t help but hope because I know God is able.

Pray for our hearts- we need to make a decision on when Shane and Allen should head home. This isn’t an easy decision for either of us, but Allen is running out of his malaria medication and so is Shane. It may not be a big deal, but as parents we have a hard time taking risks like that. We just need guidance and clarity.

Pray for continued bonding. Every day there is improvement, even if we can’t see it. But there are also set backs and hurdles to overcome- and those are always visible. We know things will get more difficult for Ruth when we get home, as well. It will just be a while until we’re all in sync as a family.

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