Day 22 Update (on Day 23)

WE GOT THE ORDER!!!!!!!!!! We also went all “American” and used a month’s worth of data in a week, so we were without WiFi for a while yesterday, ha!

The night was ok for the kids. Allen continues to wake up early, forcing Shane to wake up early. Ruth didn’t have as many night terror moments last night, so that was good. Her snoring is still bad at times, but thankfully not all the time. And I think I just have to accept that I won’t sleep through the night while here. I wake up, on average, 5-6 times a night for various reasons: Ruth, Allen, AC going off, bathroom, etc. But it’s only difficult in the early morning. By lunch I don’t feel so exhausted.

The morning was really good. The whole day was, actually. Ruth was lively up until about 11 when she got hungry and shut down, but lunch fixed that. Naps, snacks, and a normal afternoon. The kids were happy and played most of the time (even if their play involved driving cars down my legs.. lots of elbows in my stomach, ugh!)

Shane and I got Domino’s for dinner. This is our special something for just the two of us. We don’t think all the grease is good for Ruth, anyway *wink.* So we make the kids something else and wait to eat until they go to sleep. No guilt here- we do what we need to! We usually get Domino’s on Sunday but we were at the beach yesterday, so Monday it is!

Utibe informed us that if Ruth’s birth certificate is ready before the end of the day tomorrow we will take the trip to apply for Ruth’s passport on Wednesday. We would be very relieved if this happens. There’s even a small chance we could have Ruth’s passport on Friday if everything works out according to the best case scenarios. I’m hesitant to get my hopes up, but sometimes hope is the only thing that keeps us going.

Prayer Requests:

Pray that the doctor finds Ruth pneumonia-free tomorrow and allows us to continue using the steroids to keep her adenoids from swelling too large until we can get home and find a better solution.

Pray that Ruth’s birth certificate is ready by tomorrow so we can move forward in our homecoming process.

Pray that we continue bonding as a family. We have been very blessed to have such a problem-free adjustment thus far, even with the typical hardships.

Pray for Shane and I- that we continue to grow closer together in this trying process, and that we would be given clear direction on when Shane and Allen should fly home, or if they should stay. There’s no easy answer.

Pray that the attitude of our hearts are God-honoring, even if things slow down or we experience set-backs. This is especially hard for me. I’m finding out just how much of a homebody I am and how reliant my stress-level is on being in my comfort zone.

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