Update Day 23

We got her birth certificate!!!!!!!! We feel so great having two days in a row of official things getting done!

Last night was good. Allen is still waking up too early, but I don’t think there’s anything we can do about that- but Shane says he’ll survive until they get home *wink*.

Ruth had her follow up appointment with the physician today. Her chest sounded all clear so we believe the pneumonia has been taken care of. We will still have the follow up appointment with the ENT on Saturday to make sure we can continue using the steroids to manage her adenoids swelling until we get home.

The day was normal- play, cartoons, more play, eating naps, playing while cartoons are on etc.. The kids actually got pretty rambunctious. It’s like they’ve always been siblings, feeding off one another, sharing one second and fighting the next. Oh the joys of life with two children close in age (Shane is resenting me right about now!)

We will be sending payment and required documents to the appropriate office tomorrow so that we will be able to apply for Ruth’s passport on Thursday. We are very anxious to get this part done. Once we have her passport, we will then be working with the U.S. Consulate and their affiliate visa program to get her things in order to come home. We haven’t been given any indication of how long it will take to get her visa. And we’ve also been told the quickest a visa has been issued in the past is 3 weeks. That was a little disheartening to hear, but we will be praying that our process is smooth and faster than normal.

Thank you all for the continued prayers and support! Please don’t forget about us- we truly feel your prayers and draw strength from them.

Prayer Requests:

Pray that all preliminary requirements for Ruth’s passport are met tomorrow so we are not delayed in applying for her passport. Please also pray that we receive her passport quickly!

Pray that bonding continues and we slowly but surely start to feel like a family of four. And pray that Shane and I adjust to being responsible for two high-energy kiddos round the clock!

Pray that even though we haven’t begun the visa process yet, that God would go before us and smooth the way for a speedy issuance. We are anxious to get home!

Pray as we continue to discuss when, if at all, Shane and Allen are to travel home before Ruth and I.

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