Update Day 24

This morning started way too soon- both kids woke up too early. Ruth eventually went back to sleep, but Allen would not. I know Shane is very ready to get home so he can finally sleep!

Ruth continues to grow more comfortable with us, Shane included. She is less clingy every day, at least when we’re home: she is still 100% clingy when we’re anywhere unfamiliar. But we are very grateful for her progress. It has been much better than we imagined the bonding would be, and we know it is because of the prayers of our family and friends- God going before us!

We began the passport process today- woo hoo! We sent payment and paperwork ahead of us, then tomorrow Ruth and I will go apply. If all goes well, we will be able to pick up the passport on Friday. This would be an absolute blessing- then we would be able to begin the visa process Friday, as well! We are very excited that things are finally moving along so quickly.

The big unknown is still the visa process. You would think that since we’ve been working on her adoption for over a year that things would be mostly done. However, we have been given no time table whatsoever. We have everything needed except a medical report from an approved physician here in Lagos, so you would think everything would be fine- but we just don’t know. If the Consulate decides to launch an investigation into Ruth’s adoption there’s no telling when she will be given her visa. But we will just keep on praying for God to go before us and smooth the way.

Prayer Requests:

Ruth’s passport would be ready on Friday.

For the visa process to be quick and smooth

For continued bonding as a family

Clarity on when Shane and Allen should travel home

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