Day 25 & 26 Update

Well, the past two days have been a bit stressful.

Allen was bit by a mosquito 4 times yesterday. He has been taking his preventative malaria medicine, but he is also allergic to mosquito bites in general. The area around the bite swells up rather large and sometimes he gets a low grade fever. His bites did swell, but the fever never appeared, thank goodness. The bites look much better tonight as he’s going to bed- so we are thanking God for those answered prayers.

We did finish applying for Ruth’s passport today and we are hoping to have it in hand on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Then we will be able to begin the visa process.

We were able to spend the whole day with the Wilks family today. We very much enjoy their company! We are praying that there is a way we can live together in these finals stages of the adoption- it would be wonderful to have the companionship as well as hopefully sharing costs of our driver when we need to go to appointments etc.

Another development from yesterday is that Shane and Allen will be headed home on Monday (very late) and will arrive home Tuesday (very late). They are both running out of malaria medicine, and after the incident with the mosquito bites, we feel it is definitely time for Allen to go home. Shane is able to come back if I need him, but we are praying the process will go quicker than expected and that Ruth and I won’t be too far behind to avoid him having to make a second trip.

Ruth has her appointment with the ENT specialist tomorrow afternoon. We are out of her steroid nose drops, and as far as we can tell they have been helping with breathing at night. We are hoping that we can continue with those until we get home.

This is sort of a weak update, especially after catching up from a missed day, but I’m battling a headache! I’m hoping that we have a lot of unknowns settled on Monday after getting the passport. It will be a relief to know when our appointment is scheduled and to finally move the visa process along.

Prayer Requests:

Allen’s mosquito bites continue to heal with no adverse affects.

We are able to continue treating Ruth’s symptoms while in country so we can all sleep as good as possible.

We receive the passport on Monday and are able to begin the visa process.

Pray for someone familiar with Nigeria to be assigned our visa case to make the process as smooth as possible.

Pray that God will give me the strength I need to continue the adoption process while Shane and Allen go home.

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