Day 27 Update

Ugh- the weekend. Read my last weekend post if you can’t figure out why we’re unhappy about Saturdays and Sundays!

Today was a day where we felt like we took a few steps back in the dance of attachment. Ruth was with Utibe all day yesterday and she was upset when she was brought back home. She wasn’t as upset today as she was last night, but she wasn’t totally her lively self, either. Just a reminder that attachment and bonding is an ongoing process that will never really be “over.”

Today was, well, boring. And bittersweet. Shane and Allen leave for home on Monday night. I’m excited for them to go home. Shane needs sleep pretty badly, Allen will feel better being in his own familiar routine, but I’m going to miss them something fierce. And, of course, I’m jealous. I wish we were all going home, but that is not to be just yet. An answer to prayer and a balm to my heart is that our new friends, the Wilks, will be moving into the house soon. They warned me their 3 kiddos are crazy, but I said I’d much rather deal with crazy than lonely! I am very relieved I won’t be living alone, at least for too long.

I am dreading tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday, another day of nothing, and to add to that it’s the day before we find out if the passports will be ready. Monday is when Utibe will be told to either come get the passports or that they will be ready on Tuesday. I’m praying that they are ready on Monday so we can begin the visa process and schedule our first appointment at the Consulate. I also have to renew my visa. All our Nigerian visas were issued for only one month- so Shane and Allen are leaving the day before theirs expires, and I will just have to revisit immigration to renew mine.

The ENT we followed up with today recommends surgery, but I said I wanted to wait until we got home, if possible. He said if the steroids are working we can refill the prescription and continue using it- but to contact him if she regressed. She is going to have quite the schedule when we get home- she will have to get caught up on vaccinations and then this bit with her adenoids/tonsils as well. That’s going to be a lot of doctor visits.

Prayer Requests:

Pray that Ruth’s passport is ready on Monday!

Pray that the steroids continue working to give Ruth relief at night to breath.

Pray for continued bonding.

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