Day 30 Update

Today has actually been incredibly frustrating. I wasn’t expecting this much angst on the day before our Consulate appointment- seeing as how I’ve been anticipating this appointment for a while now. Most of it just stems from knowing this isn’t going to be a quick process, as badly as I want to just come home. My dreams (or really, nightmares) last night were all about not being ready for Ruth’s appointment and everything being delayed. Unfortunately, a family is currently living that nightmare.

The Wilk family are looking at a pretty significant delay, and of no fault of their own. I know they are beyond frustrated- I am so heart broken for them. They are also not receiving support from their adoption agency- which is infuriating. They have hit several smaller bumps along the way as a result of information their agency gave them, but this current situation is very serious and they are not being supported back home. I am praying that God intervenes in a huge way for them.

It looks like tomorrow will be a pretty full day. A very early morning as our appointment at the Consulate is at 7. At least they won’t have time to get behind before we’re seen! We will have to leave at 5:30 as traffic to the Consulate that early will be heavy. Afterwards, Ruth will be going to the official medical assessment. Then we will head back towards home, but will drop off my passport at immigration first as my visa expires today and needs to be renewed.

The other source of frustration is my lack of communication with Shane as he and Allen travel. He has been way less available than I imagined he would be. The last I heard from him was around 9 a.m. when he and Allen were in the Paris airport. His phone was dying but I thought he was going to charge it. There was also no WiFi available on the flight to Paris from Lagos, and I was sure he would have it on the way to Minneapolis. But no contact makes me wonder what’s going on. He should be landing about 12:30, which is 7:30 my time. Just wish I could talk to him. There are many sources of tension here, recently.

Ruth was fine today, spirit-wise. Maybe not as lively since she didn’t have her brother here to feed off of, but still fine. She didn’t nap, but since we have to be up at 5:00 I wanted her to go to sleep early, anyway- so I didn’t push it. I normally would- routines are important to us and we feel a routine will help her adjustment, as well. She really kind of got on my nerves- but it was just the two of us all day, so that’s expected. I’m just praying I’m not here by myself for long or I will go crazy.

Prayer Requests:

Shane and Allen continue to have safe travels, and maybe more communication from here on out.

That tomorrow would be the most productive day we’ve ever had here, and that I would be clear on the process from here on out. Confusion just adds to all my frustration. A miracle or two would be VERY welcome!

Continued prayers for the Wilk family, that their issue would be resolved very soon so that they can bring their kids home.

Continue to pray for strength for me- I’m literally taking it hour by hour- day by day is too overwhelming.

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