Day 31 Update

How do I even describe today.

We arrived at the Consulate a little after 6, waited in line to go through security a few different times, then finally made it into the Consulate. I’m not sure what I was expecting- I know I was hoping for personal attention, maybe an American accent and a white face- anything familiar. Instead, it was just very- systematic. I was being herded through lines. Stood for close to 2 hours waiting to have someone take Ruth’s documents. It felt like I had been there all day, but in reality we were done by 9:15.

We were done because all we did was drop off documents. No interview, unfortunately. I was told that will be scheduled in another 2-4 weeks. And then, after the interview, the visa would be ready in 10 business days.

I think I could have been sick on the spot when the lady told me that. Literally, sick. I cried waiting for our driver to come pick us up. I don’t think I can handle 30-40 more days away from home. I’m not strong enough. No where near strong enough. I was pretty low, all morning and through Ruth’s medical appointment.

It was a tough day, to say the least. But people must be praying for me, because I feel a sense of peace. I’m not happy with the timetable I was given today, but I have some hope that it may not be as long as I’m fearing. I’m still praying for God to intervene- whether that be through Senator Lankford’s office or some other way- I can’t help but hope.

Ruth is regressing, as far as her adenoids go. The steroids seem to be less effective, and at the last appointment the ENT was insisting we schedule her surgery before Christmas. I am not comfortable with her having that done here- not comfortable at all. There have been too many individuals from Nigeria day to do it at home- one of which has kids who have had this procedure done here, and she strongly recommends waiting. Just another reason we want to get home ASAP.

There will be no Christmas miracle, but hopefully the end will be in sight before too long. I would be lying if I said I was unaffected by missing the holidays with my family. Being alone when you know what’s going on at home is a miserable feeling. I’m just repeating to myself “you will go home.” Sometimes it works to calm me, sometimes I just have to keep repeating it until the tears stop. I’ve never done something so hard in all my life.

Thank you for praying, please don’t stop.

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