Day 33- the whole day spent in the car

The morning started normally- we had breakfast and then watched cartoons while we waited for the Wilks family to get to the house and for Mr. Aina, our driver, to take us to Victoria Island to have Ruth’s TB test results recorded.

What I didn’t know we were in for was constant traffic! It was absolutely awful today- much worse than anything we’ve encountered so far during our time here. Or ever. We got in the car at 10:30 for a 5 minute appointment and didn’t get home until almost 5:00. It was HORRIFIC. But Ruth did good almost the whole time. And I had a monster car headache to deal with afterwards, ugh.

But as we were stuck- literally- for hours, I couldn’t help but think, “This is completely symbolic of this entire journey.” I’m completely out of control- and I know I’ll eventually get to go home, but I have no idea when. Just have to buckle up and survive.

That’s about all I’ve got for the day- a very, very long day in the car. Ruth is super glad the Wilks are here- she loves playing with the 3 kids! And I am so happy to have another adult to talk to!!! We are celebrating with Domino’s tonight. Or maybe that’s just Friday, here, ha! We like our Domino’s for sure.

Continue to pray- this is the first time ever that I have wished for Christmas to be over already so we can keep working on getting home. Unfortunately, the Consulate will be closed Monday and Tuesday for national holidays, so definitely not the Christmas of my dreams. But next year will be a different story.

One thought on “Day 33- the whole day spent in the car

  1. Next year this all will be a blur. The joys of the holiday come around so quickly. You are built God tuff and God strong, being like David slaying the giants of waiting, the giants of the unknown, the giants of homesickness, the giants of being away from home. You are a giant slayer. Everyday coming closer. Your family journey as reminded me how to encourage myself as I’ve been going through some storms. My perceptions changing and I’m praising God for both our journeys. Through the ups and downs. Be infinitely blessed. Larena

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