Day 55 Update

Today was just a relaxing day for us. There were no trips on the agenda other than Ruth getting her hair done! There is a little salon just next to the gate to the guest house- so convenient! I was thinking Ruth could get her hair put in little ponytails- think “Pebbles Flinstone” but all over her head. Well, the hairdresser said her hair was too short for that, but they could braid it. So I thought, “Ok, why not. We’ll give it a try!” So over 3 hours later we start home- goodness! That is quite the process! Ruth did great- she didn’t seem bothered by the extended time sitting in a chair and enjoyed all the happenings in the salon. By the end she was ready to go, though. And she was so excited to show off her hair when we left!

The ladies in the salon and the customers who came through were so kind to us. They were all surprised Ruth was my daughter (hehe). But they were all asking questions and being so sweet. I was even told that I am officially Nigerian since I’ve lived here for 2 months! Ha!

Tomorrow, Sunday, will be another low key day. I am looking forward to spending our last weekend (hopefully!) in Nigeria and anxiously anticipating the day we get to fly home! I have everything in order for the interview on Tuesday- all documents, pictures and payment packed in my backpack and ready to go. I have had to resist the urge to pack our suitcase every day since getting the e-mail! But I know that would be useless until I know for certain when we will get her visa.

Basically, everyone who is approved for a visa is told that it could take up to 10 days to receive it. Most of the time it doesn’t take that long. I also have an e-mail from a consulate employee saying they try to issue adoption visas either the same day or the next day of approval. So please pray that they would approve Ruth’s visa immediately on Tuesday and that we would at least receive her visa by Wednesday so that we can make our original flight Wednesday night. I am so relieved the end is in sight, and it would be an added blessing to get to fly home this next week. I’ve got a birthday boy who wants me to make him a blue birthday cake! Thank you so much for faithfully praying for us in every way.

The Wilks haven’t heard anything, but that’s no surprise as they just filed Thursday and the Consulate will be closed Monday. We are praying that they receive some information later next week that can clear up some of their worries. Continue to pray for them, they greatly appreciate it.

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