Day 56- week 8 Update

Wow- 8 weeks in Nigeria today, that is something I almost can’t believe! This is also the week- hopefully- that we GO HOME! I am so ready- to see my family, to be back in my country, to sleep in my own bed! So many thing to look forward to this week!

I learned some things about the Nigerian people while here that I will be happy to tell Ruth about as she grows older. We want her to know where she came from and be proud of her culture. We want her to feel special that she has both a Nigerian and American heritage to celebrate.

The first thing I want her to know is that Nigerians are very kind people who regard family dearly. They have a rich tradition that is very expressive- music and dancing and good food are always a part of any celebration. Nigerian women are very fashionable, whether they choose to dress in traditional African clothing or in more contemporary outfits. The Nigerians naturally enjoy life, always living in the moment.

But beyond that, I can’t wait to tell Ruth about the amazing people that were instrumental in bringing her to her forever family and home. Morgan Hill Children Foundation has an incredible staff, and Utibe, the director, has become a dear friend during our time here. She is an incredible woman with determination and a heart of pure gold. She is truly one of a kind and we are certainly going to stay in touch. Hopefully Utibe will be able to come and visit us while she is in the states on official business!

And speaking of Utibe, another example of her going above and beyond her job is what she did for us today. Utibe has often sacrificed time outside office hours for us. Taking us to the beach, to church, spending time after work going over things with us that aren’t in her job description (always Consulate related). And today she came over and taught us to make jollof rice, Nigerian fried rice and pepper soup! She is truly a gem- and an amazing cook because it was all wonderful!

Tomorrow we will go back to the island to have the kids’ TB tests read and then Maryl and I decided to treat ourselves to an American-ish lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe! We are really looking forward to that, ha!

Please continue praying for our appointment on Tuesday. Specifically that Ruth will be immediately approved for her visa and even that we get it the same day. With God it is possible! We are hoping and praying that we don’t have to push back our flight scheduled for Wednesday. Thank you all so much- we are beyond thankful that home is in sight!

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