Day 60 Update

(For those who just read the blog and aren’t a part of the Facebook group, here’s a summary: We were told by someone at the U.S. Consulate thru e-mail that they attempt to issue adoption visas same day or the day after approval. However, after dealing with a rude visa officer who scoffed at my mention of this e-mail, it’s beginning to look more like there’s a disconnect between the actual “boots on the ground” and whomever is sending e-mails to us. We are also concerned about the potential government shut down that could happen Friday. If it happens and we don’t have Ruth’s visa, we will not be getting it until the shut down ends.)

I had set out exactly the number of malarone pills needed until our flight that was supposed to be today. I had packed everything that wasn’t a necessity away in the suitcase. I hadn’t bothered to boil more water for brushing my teeth and washing my face because I wanted to not need it. I had packed both our backpacks with what we needed for the flights and had them sitting in an easy to grab-and-go place. I had thrown away everything that either wasn’t worth bringing back or was no longer needed for the trip. I was trying to live by faith.

How do you remain thankful in times of extreme disappointment? How do you remain dependent when it seems the one you are depending on has let you down? How do you rejoice in the trials when you can’t seem to muster anything except for tears?

I wish I knew the answers to these questions, but I don’t think I do. All I know is he is faithful even when I am not. He is worthy of my complete trust, regardless of his answers to my pleas. And I can still proclaim his glory even through tears of sorrow. And believe me, there are plenty of tears. But he is still good. Even if we are still here during Allen’s birthday or for weeks to come, he is still good.

One thought on “Day 60 Update

  1. Beth, we are praying for you and Ruth’s speedy return. Cant wait to meet her. The Lord knows what you need and He will provide what is needed. We love you guys.


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