We are going HOME!

After a really rough day of disappointment yesterday, I finally got an e-mail saying her visa was ready for pickup!

We did secure some tickets- and even though our travel time is way long, I am just happy to be going home!

Ruth doesn’t understand what I’m talking about when I say “airplane” and “home” but she sure does like the times when I say, “We’re going to go see Allen and daddy!” I am praying that the flights won’t be too hard on her. And that everything goes smoothly!

I will have to do some research on what I can get to eat when I’m finally back in America. In between packing and talking to family I will have to see what’s available at Minneapolis airport!

Thank you for the continued prayers and support- more to come soon!

3 thoughts on “We are going HOME!

  1. Yay!!!! Such awesome news!!!! We have been praying and are so excited for this answer to prayer.

    Thank you for keeping us updated. Every evening Ben and I would end our day by reading your posts. We are keeping you all in our prayers!


  2. Sadie, I had no idea this was going on but God brought you to mind last week and I prayed! Glorious Day! So excited! She will learn fast!


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