Surprise!!! We’re Expecting a Pre-Schooler!

In a surprising turn of events, we’re adopting again!

Now that we’ve (sort of) caught our breath from the whirlwind has been our life the past 4 months, we would like to share what we can about the newest member of our family and how it came to be that we are adopting her.

For privacy’s sake, we will call her Cynthia, which was her name on her waiting child profile. Now- we hadn’t talked about whether we would adopt again. And to be honest, neither Shane nor I were ready to think about it so soon. Nevertheless, my passionate self was still receiving e-mails on waiting children. And one day, I saw Cynthia.

She was a doll, and her stance and smile sucked me in- so I clicked on her profile. After reading her story I had to know more- and so we were given her complete file. At this point, I asked Shane if we could go over it together and talk about her. This was obviously shocking to hear- it was shocking to my ears as well, hearing me ask if we can talk about adopting again NOW. And a child the same age as our kids, no less!

As you can imagine, there were a lot of conversations that ended with, “I don’t know honey, lets’s just keep praying and talking about it,” over the next few weeks. We were determined to give an answer one way or another so as not to hinder another family who might be interested. Turns out, that wasn’t an issue, and I’ll explain why.

Cynthia, while all smiles in her profile photo, has a pretty rough past. I don’t want to unearth her history- that will be her story to tell if she ever chooses. However, I will say her past resulted in her having several needs that, compiled together, made a 44 page medical report that isn’t for the faint of heart. For any family, that would be a huge deterrent. It’s the heart of every parent to want a healthy child, and adoption is already super expensive as well as a huge endeavor on its own. In other words, Shane and I completely understood why Cynthia was still up for adoption with no other prospects. Her needs sounded scary. But God has been using Ruth to soften our hearts. Ruth was specified as “generally healthy,” with no medical needs. But there is no healthy orphan. Each one has needs- regardless of if they’re specified or not.

This added another layer to Shane and I’s decision process- Cynthia has some specified medical needs. And while what we knew from her file didn’t deter us, we were concerned about what we would find out when she came home. But we decided we would commit and be her forever family, regardless of her needs- known or unknown.

One of the most recent ways God has encouraged Shane and I in Cynthia’s journey to join our family happened just days after we had been formally matched with her. Another reason Shane and I didn’t have another adoption on our radar was because of financial reasons. Ruth’s adoption ended up costing more than anticipated, and while we received many, many, many generous donations from the best people on this earth, we were still short quite a bit of money from being fully funded- which is what any family hopes for when adopting. Thankfully God still provides- even years before through the diligent saving of a family meant for another purpose. Cynthia’s adoption should cost significantly less than Ruth’s, but it’s still a large sum. And we don’t have as much to contribute personally this time. But, two offers of financial help have been offered already- who else could be working in these ways but our Father?! And we are asking Him to grow our faith in unimaginable ways through Cynthia’s adoption and addition to our family.

So here we are: poised to dive once again into the deep waters of adoption. More details will come soon- we are early on in the process. But there will be many more blog posts about Cynthia’s process and what we will be doing to bring her home. Much excitement ahead as we become a family of five- with the most unique triplets ever!

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