More Adoption Stories!

I’m sure you all are a little tired of our family’s story (it’s ok, I understand) but hungry for more stories of adoption! There are so many families touched by this subject, and one resource I’ve found that has helped to satisfy my need for feeding that desire is a podcast by an adoptive mom April Fallon.

If you would like to hear short snippets of amazing was God has helped families adopt or be adopted visit her podcast at Adoption Now.

Another truly unique adoption resource is a book written by an adopted girl, named Gloria, born in Uganda and now living with her forever family in Oklahoma! Her book is incredible and gives a totally unique perspective on adoption. It’s a short and worthwhile read, and you can find her book on Amazon. Search “Adopted.” by Gloria Fuller.

If you are anything like me, you can’t get enough of the amazing stories centered around adoption. I’ll periodically post some of my favorites concerning adoption and fostering to keep your listening and reading list long! I also encourage you to comment below on what some of your favorite adoption and family resources are for anyone else looking to broaden their understanding!

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