Different Seasons of Waiting

I wish I had some updates on our Cynthia to share with you- but I don’t believe we’ll be getting those for a while. This adoption is so very different from Ruth’s, just as pregnancies can be drastically different even with the same mother.



With Ruth, I could barely keep from contacting our agency daily for a piece of information, a morsel, anything. I wanted desperately to connect to her. I was giving in to my controlling nature, partially, grasping for a bond that wouldn’t actually happen until much, much later.

I’m not sure why Cynthia’s process feels different. Because life is different, I suppose. Her country is different, and so is the process. I think about her every day, but the intensity I felt with Ruth just hasn’t appeared at this point with Cynthia. I have a business to run, a house to keep up with, a youth group and church that I’m committed to being serving, and obviously my family. So, even though I wonder about how Cynthia is doing, I don’t reach out to our agent for possible updates every day. Also, I was told that Hong Kong would not be that accommodating, so there’s that.

Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Not dwelling on how long the process will take might make the process not seem to lengthy. But not getting updates on how she’s doing is a little disheartening. I wish we could send over a family photo book, or a book where we can record our voices reading to her. I am desperate for a connection with Cynthia, but there aren’t options for that just yet.



Please continue to pray- for Cynthia, that she’s healthy, loved and being prepared for her new family. And pray for us, that we would be diligent to gather everything needed quickly for legal processes, and that we would be prepared as a family to accept our new daughter and sister with the love of Christ. Thank you all so much for your support- it is absolutely priceless.

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