Learning Cynthia’s Language

There’s nothing much going on in the Haff House- other than a long awaited vacay, conference, adenoid/tonsil surgery, biggest deadline for my job and then the holidays! Ok, so I guess there’s a lot going on.

In the midst of all our craziness, I purchased some software to learn Cantonese. I’m not expecting to be able to communicate well with adults- let’s be realistic. But if I can learn enough to say small phrases or words Cynthia will know in Cantonese and then English, maybe her language transition won’t be quite so difficult.

Another blessing straight from our good Father is a friend of Shane’s who is a church staff member of a Chinese church in a city very close to us with members from Hong Kong! One even owns a restaurant with all the amazing Hong Kong food- and we’re going to go visit very soon.

Although we don’t have any personal connections to Cynthia’s birth country, maybe we will have made some good friends by the time she comes home, and maybe even learned how to make some of her favorite foods.

We have a long time of waiting before we can go get her, and although I’m TERRIBLE at waiting, I’ll try to do some constructive things to show Cynthia how much we already love her and care about her. So, if you hear a blond-haired white lady speaking some poor Cantonese to her cell phone in the airport this weekend, tell me hi!

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