Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

We are spending this break with as much family as possible- excited for Ruth’s first holiday season with her forever family (and mom is definitely looking forward to getting her holiday food fix!) I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with all things good: family, food and making memories that last much longer than any material possessions.

There have been quite a few developments in our life, and those affect Cynthia’s adoption, as well. If you would pray for our family, we would appreciate that very much. I will update soon on the changes in our life and how this will change the adoption. But for now, we just want to have a day full of gratefulness instead of the constant “what ifs” and unknowns we’ve been bombarded with recently.

That list to be thankful for is QUITE long! Just being together and healthy is near the very top. Having our whole family on one continent is a huge plus! We are thankful for so much, and most of all for Jesus Christ and the gift he gave when he sacrificed himself on the cross so we would have true life and peace and love.

Now, I’ll be parked on the couch watching the Thanksgiving Day parade and picking at food until mom chases me out of the kitchen! Ha!

Happy holidays to you all!

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