2019: The Year of Everything New!

Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

For a while now our family has been a bit silent. There have been quite a few changes in our life and so we’ve been out of sync in just about everything.

We were very suddenly and unexpectedly asked to leave our church. This changes pretty much everything in our life, and so has a very big impact on Cynthia’s adoption. I’ll try to update where we are and what type of timeline we can expect now that our life looks so different.

Our homestudy was complete in November, but because Cynthia’s birth country is so strict on the details, it requires quite a bit of reviewing. It should be done this week or next and then we can move forward. Basically, when the homestudy is finalized, we can apply with USCIS to get approval for an international adoption. This approval from our government is the last piece to the puzzle to get everything ready to send to Cynthia’s country. Which is where the bulk of our paperwork responsibilities will be complete.

Once everything is sent to Cynthia’s country, then we just wait for them to process our adoption. This is where our life changes could delay the process. Because our homestudy was done while we lived in Muskogee, we will have to do a homestudy update. This will have to be sent over and processed, as well.

We are praying that all the “new” in our life won’t delay Cynthia coming home, but there’s a possibility that it will. If you would, please pray for our situation, we would really appreciate it.

On a brighter note, we found out that Cynthia’s best friend from the children’s home was adopted by a family from a state close to Oklahoma! This little boy, I’ll call him Luther, was Cynthia’s closest friend- and he feels the same about her. Their birthdays are right next to each other’s and so they sing “happy birthday” with both of their names! Also, they have been asking to see each other’s picture. We are very much looking forward to getting Cynthia home and, once she’s acclimated, we can meet up with Luther and his family. That will be a wonderful reunion for them!

Luther’s mom was kind enough to share with that they were around Cynthia a little bit as they visited Luther at the children’s home. She described Cynthia as “precious” and didn’t even realize she had some special needs, so that is nice to hear. We were also reassured that Luther and Cynthia’s children’s home is amazing. The care and love they are receiving is impressive, and the workers truly want to do everything possible to prepare the children for their forever families.

We still are not able to send Cynthia any gifts or pictures of us, but once we are matched formally (after all our paperwork is submitted to their government and approved), she will know she has a forever family waiting for her and working hard to bring her home. We also won’t be getting updates on her until we are officially matched, so we are trying to be patient, even though we are so anxious to hear how she’s doing.

We are praying that 2019 is the year she comes home- a new daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, niece, great-granddaughter and friend- 2019 is the year of everything new and Cynthia is the best new we could ever hope for!

3 thoughts on “2019: The Year of Everything New!

  1. We remain firm in this truth. Our Lord God is orchestrating everything for our good and His glory. We are looking to Him in grateful thanksgiving for His wonderful mercy in Cynthia’s life as we expectantly wait for our lives to intertwine with hers! 2019 will be a marvelous display of God’s wonderful plan for us all! Glory to Him!

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