“Happy Birthday” and the Beginning of the End!

Happy 5th birthday, precious girl!!! We hope your day is very special, and although we wish we could be celebrating with you, we’re counting down the days until we’re holding you in our arms and making up for lost time. We love you already, and can’t wait to meet you!!!

Today is Cynthia’s (not her actual name, for anyone new following along) 5th birthday! We are wishing her all the happiness from across the ocean, and celebrating her birthday from afar for the very last time!

In case you missed it, we got THE exciting call from our agent a couple weeks ago! We are officially matched with C and are moving forward in her process! We have been waiting since dossier submission in May for this phone call and I’m still having to pinch myself sometimes to realize we’re here: the beginning of the end of C’s journey home!

A few commonly asked questions:

  • “When will you get to go get her?” More than likely, it will be the beginning of May. Could be a month sooner, could be a month later, but more than likely early May is the most realistic! Not much waiting now!
  • “When will she find out about her waiting family?” Very likely, sometime this week or next! We sent over a care package for our in-country agent to give to C to introduce us, along with an uploaded video of our family! We will get pictures and a report once C is told she has a family waiting to meet her. I get giddy just thinking about the moment she understands there’s a family just for her!
    “Is there anything we can do to help?” This question always warms my heart! There is always a need for prayer- specifically for C’s heart, to be at peace during her transition and to feel comforted and safe in her new family. Prayer for clear communication and quick understanding through a language barrier is coveted- this new aspect of adoption has me admittedly very nervous. Prayers for a speedy end process and to get to C as quickly as possible, as well! Giving is always appreciated, too! We have several expenses left before C is home, including a few remaining adoption fees, travel expenses and attorney expenses to finalize the adoption once home. You can donate through our agency’s link straight to our family at this link here, or in person! And there’s one last way to help us prepare for C’s homecoming. Unlike a newborn, we have most of what C needs for when she’s home. I mean, we do already have two kids her age living here, ha! But she will need her own types of things as Allen and Ruth already have, many of these things being the same brand/type that her brother and sister already have: a backpack for school, a backpack with quiet activities for church (all kids over 3 stay in church with their families), clothes/pajamas/socks etc., a booster for her chair at the table, pull ups, headphones for long car rides, hair accessories, toys and books! I’ve attached an Amazon link here for convenience. If there’s anything on here someone would like to gift, we’d be grateful! (Send me an e-mail bepjones@gmail.com and I would be happy to share our mailing address for Amazon orders privately!)
  • The updates on C’s process will begin to come more frequently, now that things again are moving along! We have submitted the last large stack of legal documents to our government basically asking permission to bring C into the country for the purpose of adoption. That processing should take around 4 weeks. The next update will likely be the response we get of C finding out about her new family- hopefully sharing that soon!
  • Thank you for supporting our family on this wonderful adoption journey- your prayers and community make this an absolute group effort! Together, we’ll bring C home.
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