Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, He is risen!

I’ve seen this phrase circling on social media: “the church buildings are empty this Easter, but that’s okay because the tomb was empty, too!” The sentiment is true, but as I sat watching our church service I couldn’t help but wish that I were bodily with my brothers and sisters celebrating this special day.

I also thought quite often how much I wished C was home- seeing her family celebrate the risen Savior, hearing of His sacrifice for us and experiencing the joy of worshipping together on this glorious occasion. However, that longing makes me look forward to Easter 2021 all the more.

I hope you have all heard of Christ’s love for you and felt his loving conviction that brings life. Rejoicing with you in the good news of our risen King!

Also, we received a date and time for our Skype call with C! It will be April 21 at 8 p.m. our time (April 22, 9 a.m. her time!) This is also the day she goes for her visa medical, which means we are VERY close to traveling!!!

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