It’s Time To Do Some Work!

This pandemic has been awful, no ifs-ands-or-buts about it. It’s been terrible for the health of over 8 million people, killing hundreds of thousands. It’s been terrible for the economy with people losing their jobs, being forced out of retirement, halting small businesses- so many hard-earned goals completely out of reach for many years, if they are even still attainable at all. COVID-19 has been

It has also affected too many families who are waiting to complete adoptions, and it has probably caused many more children around the globe to become orphans, creating a greater need for families to step in and commit to being a forever home and family for a child in need. The effects of COVID-19 will be felt for years, decades and even centuries to come.

However, we have hope! Although travel bans for families waiting to finalize adoptions are still in effect, we have been told it’s possible, on a statesman/elected official level, that exemptions may be made for adopting families! What joyous news!

So far, over 200 families have reached the travel phase of their adoptions, meaning legally, everything is in order for families to travel in country to bring their child(ren) home to the U.S. for final adoption. It’s a time that’s usually celebrated, but the expansive effects of COVID-19 have families in limbo, some since fall of 2019.

We don’t have any knowledge of any waiting children being effected by COVID-19 (praise the Lord!), and with the desire to keep children and families safe but being sensitive to the toll extended waiting can take on both families and children as the wait stretches (possibly causing repeat trauma for the waiting child who can’t understand the pandemic or the delays), it’s paramount that families are allowed to travel to bring their child home as soon as possible, even if that means taking extra safety precautions.

If you are willing to write on our behalf, and the behalf of over 200 other families waiting for entry into Asia for their adoptions, please e-mail me at and I will send you everything you need directly!

In the e-mail will be a letter template and a link to find your elected officials. Super easy! And your voice added to hopefully hundreds and even thousands more this week could start a campaign that will result in the unification of families sooner rather than in months, or even years.

Your advocacy for our adoption specifically and the completion of adoptions corporately is ENORMOUSLY effective! Please don’t think you can’t make a difference, even one e-mail or phone call can set into motion a series of events that brings children HOME!

We hope, after the flood of cries for prioritizing adopting families and their children, to have news of a travel date- finally. After nearly 23 months of striving to become C’s forever family, it’s possible that we may be right around the corner…

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