Our Oldest is SIX and the Beginning of the End!

Prepare for sharing OVERLOAD! We have amazing news and lots to praise the Lord about!

First, our biggest Ruthie-girl turned six years old this week! We can’t even express how special she is, how much she brings to our family, and how blessed we are to be her parents. We truly can’t even begin.

Ruth after having her faced “smooshed” in her birthday cake- a strange Jones family tradition!

Ruth has grown SO MUCH this past year, I think more than she’s ever grown since being home, and that’s saying a lot because she really took off once we settled into our new family normal beginning of 2018. She has lost 5 additional teeth (all within a couple months of each other) and grew 5 inches in one year! Plus, she grew out of all her shoes from the time we started spring break in mid-March until we started going back to church after quarantine, about early May! Can you say growth spurt?!

Always losing a tooth!

She can swim like nobody’s business- last summer she learned how without any floating devices, this summer she’s just a little fish! She loves to color and play with her brother, she’s also super strong and can do the monkey-bars non-stop, it seems like. All that upper body strength is truly impressive! She has also come into her own in speed- for the longest time, Allen would keep up with her and still beat her at times. Now, she’s just whizzing past him any time of day (and he ain’t happy about it, ha!)

Always full of joy

Ruth did amazing in school- she had so much growth in all areas! She even memorized quite a few site words during quarantine with daddy- she’s so smart, even when she struggles she can regulate her emotions and get herself to a place where she can try again. I am amazed at her tenacity.

Ruth and her first teacher, Mrs. McIssac!

And, for anyone who knows her even a little, she is the most kind and loving little girl this world has ever seen. She strokes my hair when I’m talking to her, she rubs her daddy’s feet and scratches his back, and she will do anything for her little brother- he is her whole world. Seeing them love each other the way they do puts into perspective why my mom was always so happy when my sisters and I would get along: it’s one of the most precious moments I have, as a mom. The love they feel for each other wells up a momma’s heart like nothing else can.

These two run the show!

And even though this birthday made me a little sad, especially seeing all the pictures with her sweet, round baby face from when we first met her, I am thrilled to see what new adventures await Ruth in her sixth year. She is going places, and we’ll be right behind her all the way!

Our first hug

As if having a birthday to celebrate this week wasn’t enough good news, we received an e-mail informing us that C’s country will begin letting U.S. travelers into the country beginning July 29 with certain requirements met! We were literally shocked. Maybe still are.

So, thus begins the end of C’s journey of adoption! This is the moments families all around the world wait for: getting to meet their child for the first time. We have so much to prepare in, hopefully, a short amount of time. We need a COVID test that reads negative within 72 hours of boarding our flight. We also need proof of traveling accommodations that will accept us for a 14 day quarantine once we land. Also, C needs her U.S. visa, which won’t be an issue as the consulate in country is open for all adoption processing. We are hoping that we can travel before she’s issued her visa just so we don’t have much “wasted” time, utilizing our 14 day quarantine to the most advantage.

This is miraculous and welcome news- we are elated to learn that it won’t be next year before we can bring her home, it will only be weeks! We were prepared to do whatever is needed, and now that we have a green light, it’s time to kick it into high gear. This week will be packed with arrangements for travel, and it will likely be stressful and frustrating at times, since each piece of this puzzle has to fall into place at the exact right moment for the others to follow. But we trust that God is going before us, that He’s with us and C, and that He has known all along the plan to bring her home.

Since our stay in country will be three times as long as the ordinary pre-COVID stay, if you want to help financially we would be very grateful! C’s country is beautiful and so safe, but definitely on the pricier end. If that’s something you feel led to do, please visit our donate tab at the top of our page- it will take you directly to our adoption agency’s donation page for us!

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