Do We Dare Hope? Always.

It’s been a challenging several weeks, to say the least.

We thought in late July, after an e-mail from our State Department, we were about to board a plane and finally go meet C. However, the press release that we were gathering information from was just vague enough in language that it turned out to be not quite the good news we were hoping for. So, we gave our disappointment over to God, and trusted that He is still working everything out in His time and according to His will. It wasn’t/isn’t easy, but it was and always will be the best thing we can do.

So, I apologize for the brevity and scarcity of our updates here, recently- it’s been quite the emotional roller coaster, and for once, writing out our struggles didn’t appeal to me like it usually does. We quickly thought our family was going to be united and in a matter of a couple days we were back to COVID-19 square one. Other HK families were not experiencing the same set-backs as we were, and they actually got to meet their children via official escort to the U.S.. Meaning, their child was brought from their country to the U.S. and the family bonded for a few days with a social worker present before being allowed to go home and begin their new normal.

We weren’t one of those families, and while we are truly joyful for the miracles happening for them, it was a stinging reminder that we weren’t likely to receive that same miracle. So on top of the emotional roller coaster, we had to deal with the lasting “motion sickness” once it was over. Not fun, but we know it’s not the end of our journey, however hopeless it may feel in the darkest times.

C getting to “swim”! We were told the kids normally get an annual beach trip this time of year, but because of the virus they had to improvise.

Thankfully, we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. After a couple different reliable sources contacted us recently, including a Consulate official, we are optimistic that a path will be worked out to allow us to travel even though COVID is still ever present and proving itself a force to be reckoned with.

Our hope, in the coming weeks, is that the virus can continue to be contained well by C’s country. They have done an exemplary job so far, and even though they have experienced a “second wave” of sorts in weeks past, we are praying that nothing happens that would alter plans to allow us and other travel-ready families from coming to meet the little ones we’ve been loving from afar.

We have gotten a few very sweet and precious pictures and a video recently, and of course, C is doing great. She has such amazing care givers and lots of friends to keep her busy and learning and growing! We know that the journey home is going to be the beginning of some difficult adjustments for us all, but mostly for C. She understands some of what’s transpiring, however, she will be suddenly away from all she’s ever known, with new people she doesn’t yet love or trust and in a brand new place completely unfamiliar.. with even a new language to learn.

C getting to do a little baking!

Your prayers for the difficult road ahead are so appreciated. While getting her home is truly a crucial step, it’s far from the hardest… And the journey of adoption is never-ending. Just as the journey of a Christian never reaches completion this side of Heaven, so the process of showing Allen and Ruth and C that they are loved and belong will be our precious, never-finished duty. We’re just prayerfully anticipating that duty to our little bug to begin soon!

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