Day 3, the best day yet!

Near the end of our day with Celine- it was the best visit ever!

I’m not even sure what to write.. except that God is good, and He has blessed us with the most amazing children ever!

Meeting Celine for the very first time!

Our meeting started out as I expected- Celine was shy and she didn’t want to be close to us. But after only a minute was immediately fine with us- she even started bossing us around! “Sit!” “No!” “Cat!” (Draw a cat)

Celine watching videos on daddy’s phone

We spent moat of the day with her, what a blessing! We also received updated information on her medical needs and other important topics. Under normal circumstances we would get to meet Celine’s friends and all the staff and volunteers, as well. But the pandemic has changed that, as well. But even though we only were able to meet a select few people, it was obvious how amazing they were! The staff from the social work organization, especially our case worker and the director, have bent over backwards for us. And the love Celine has experienced from the staff and volunteers at her home is simply unparalleled. They showered her with gifts and letters and photos that we will treasure for the rest of her life.

Our precious girl- we love you to the moon and back!

Shane mentioned how sweet it was that by the end of the day Celine was referring to us as “MY mommy and daddy!” There’s a distinct phrase in Cantonese that she was using to tell all her friends that we were hers, a possessive word, and boy does that just MELT YOU! Forever yours, baby girl. Forever!

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