Day 6 Update

Today was our first full day as a family! Last night Celine slept so very well- what a gift for mommy and daddy to get a full night’s sleep with no interruptions! Now that we’ve had some experience we know her preferred bedtime routine so it went much more smoothly tonight.

Ready for the day!

We started the day with a couple of FaceTimes but Celine isn’t really into that so much- but we tried! We decided since the weather was really good- meaning it wasn’t raining- we would take the Peak Tram ride. We did this one of the very first days here, and we had no idea it goes right by Celine’s child care home! She has been seeing this tram so much, we just had to take her on it! But the romanticism was short-lived as Celine seemed less thrilled with riding than watching. There’s a philosophical lesson in there somewhere!

Celine and daddy on the tram!
Celine and mommy on the tram!

We had a really good lunch and enjoyed our walk around the Peak and down by the park- everything is ready for the mid-autumn festival and seeing all the lanterns and other decorations is such a good experience! I’m even bringing home a moon cake so all the kids can share it and have some mid-autumn fun ourselves. Celine’s child care home also gifted Allen and Ruth some decorative lanterns- so thoughtful!

The courtyard at the top of Victoria Peak- there are two malls at the top, there are malls everywhere you look and are often the only ways to get into the subway or apartments etc.

As we were making our way back to the hotel we did begin to see a larger police presence. Today is also National Day and the government is not allowing any protests, thus explaining the police. In an attempt to keep well away from active areas, we just ate in the hotel.

Celine playing with the hotel room safe- we know now that if she pushes the buttons it will set off an alarm that won’t stop for a long time! So now she just opens and closes the door.

Some additional notable daily happenings are: Celine had the hiccups twice, she used her socks as pretend gloves or oven mitts as she utilized the room’s safe as an oven or something, and is very much into the purple heart sunglasses we brought for her. She is VERY independent, even if she can’t complete many tasks on her own. It’s that difficult stage where she wants to do everything herself, but can’t quite get the hang of new tasks. She also enjoyed “fixing” mommy’s hair, and mommy had to use the word gentle way too many times!

Celine’s reaction when mommy or daddy forget to let her push the elevator button!

We ended the day with some videos of Allen and Ruth, at Celine’s request. Although I expect her to cling to us for a while, I’m seeing a bond form between the kids already. Celine laughs at their antics already, and she has developed such strong friendships at such a young age that I can’t help but assume she will become very close to Allen and Ruth. My mommy heart wants it no other way!

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