Day 7 Update- our last day here!

We had a restful night- Celine did wake up a few times but was satisfied to find we were still here and went back to sleep every time. What a relief, all of us are getting adequate sleep and it’s such a blessing!

Celine and daddy playing in her bed this morning.

We decided to venture over to a large park for the morning so Celine could play and expel some energy. Well, she was too shy to play on the playgrounds where other kids were playing. But she played on an empty one. So we sat and watched lots of kids play!

Celine is content to play at the empty playground!

The park we went to had the sweetest little pond meant for model boats! It was so neat- there were a couple men who had boats and were showing them off for us. Shane said he’d be into this hobby if there were any places around us that we could use them on. We kept seeing stuff that made us think of Allen and Ruth. We’re definitely ready to be home!

The boating pond.
Celine really liked watching the boats! One was even amphibious- it drove on land and then when it fell into the water it became a boat!

We had lunch at a Korean brunch place in the mall next to our hotel and Celine dominated the French Fries! She has picked cheeseburgers and pizza and fries over so many of the normal dishes she’s accustomed to. I hope that means she will be open to trying lots of new foods when we’re home and find some favorites!

Choosing French fries over chicken and rice! She’s already American!

After lunch we returned to the hotel to organize and pack up for the travel day tomorrow. We also had lots of playful Celine moments, breaks to try to catch the sight of ambulances out our 20 story window and turning on the TV just to change the channels and never watch anything!

We are so thankful for the incredible stay we have had in Celine’s birth country. The people are friendly and helpful. The food is amazing. The history is fascinating. And the city is just breath-taking. We will cherish these memories of our trip and talk about them often, just like we reminisce of our trip to Nigeria and how many wonderful moments we had (and funny, and sad, and scary!)

The view from the top of Victoria‘s Peak- it’s cloudy, but you can see a few of the many islands off the coast. There are ferries that go to these islands all day long. It’s a relatively cheap form of transportation, as well.

The people involved in Celine’s life and adoption are the best kind of people. Our social worker is incredible- she is an adoptive mother herself, and she will always have a special place in my heart. The staff and volunteers at Celine’s child care home are cut from the very finest cloth- and we have spelled ALL their names about 20 times each as one of Celine’s most favorite activities is to have us spell the names she tells us! They have impacted her life in the best way- they were her family as she waited and because they loved her so well, leaving them hurt her little heart. It hurts us- her parents and all the adults involved in her care- to see her mourn the loss of her loved ones. But we all know it’s a necessary step for a better life- one with a forever family.

Saying goodbye as we leave the child care home. So many loving friends here. We will always talk of the care Celine enjoyed and the love she was given.

This may seem like the end of our adoption journey, but it’s only the beginning. We look forward to the forever family part of adoption- bonding together, talking about our girls’ birth cultures, hopefully visiting them when they are older all together. And most of all, talking about how we have all been adopted into God’s family. Adoption stems from brokenness- on earth and in the Kingdom. Brokenness from sin. But God wants to save us and redeem us- and He did just that in Jesus Christ. What a loving Father to plan all that for us.

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