We’re Almost There!

We received High Court Order!!! Without getting into the nitty-gritty of international adoption law, basically High Court Order gives us guardianship of C and she can now apply for her U.S. visa to come home! All that remains of her legal process is now U.S. responsibility, and it’s just the visa and ADOPTION!

Hooray for being at the travel stage! Except, well, for the pandemic. Unfortunately, there are still too many travel restrictions in and out of C’s country. We really don’t have much choice except to wait for those restrictions to be lifted. There is also the possibility that, when/if we’re allowed to travel into her country, we would still have to quarantine for 14 days in our hotel room. But there are a lot of “if’s” right now, and all we’re focusing on is the joyful fact that C will officially be a Haff and that the obstacles to adoption day are dwindling!!!

There is one other family within our adoption agency that is poised and ready to bring home their little boy, too! We were truly blessed with the friendship of the Wilks in Nigeria, it would be so wonderful to have another family who walks with us on our adoption journey with C!

There are many variables to the end of the process, but God has gone before us and we are continuing to trust that He is preparing our way. We are incredibly thankful that the interruptions in C’s process so far have been mild, and we pray miracles happen and we are on a plane to get her before we know it!

Little Bug, we are so excited to meet you! And I don’t think your brother and sister are going to be able to wait much longer, either. You are wanted, you are loved, and you have a family fighting for you and ready to bring you home!